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If it was "made for the PS5" it would only be available on the PS5, epic did not make the nanite/lumen demo for the PS5, they just used the PS5 to showcase the engine's capabilities.

They could easily have shown the same demo on PC/Series X.

Quote :

"Epic Games today announced the next iteration of its game engine, the Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), with a stunning demo running on the PlayStation ...

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DRM was to stop cloning of the games and multiple distribution. The check in was simply to check the licenses of the games on the console.

This has been common practice on the PC since the 90's, the way they should have done it is with product keys like they did years ago.

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I agree, i thought you were saying kids should not be allowed to spend money on anything lol.

My bad, i misread.

To coin a good old phrase from my childhood when i asked for something "you get what your given" lol.

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"Under no circumstance should a child account be able to spend any money."

I feel sorry for your kids, jeez.

So your against giving kids pocket money, and allowing them to buy xbox credit if they want a game?

Some parents may have children that have bank accounts, i had one when i was a child. This is a good tool to educate kids on the value of money, and not letting them spend what they want.

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"I should be able to access them offline. This isn't a difficult concept to grasp."

Your right it is not, but you need to be online to get the story missions, how can you do that if your offline?

From DICE themselves :-

"Specifics about how this is going to manifest weren’t shared, but the developer said the story of the game’s world will evolve with every new season."

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You really do come up with some corkers.

No one was for the Xbox One being always online at the launch, your just making that up.

In today's day and age (2021 if you forgot the year) consoles are always online, but there is no need for DRM, because there is no longer game sharing. (Even though DRM is present on all consoles with digital purchases, even the beloved Sony playstation) The Series X is always online, as...

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Yep, just like the PS5 tech demo, no game on the market as of yet uses UE5 or any of the features

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"groomed into the best Naughty Dog."

Lol, no they should just focus on what they do, and not try to mimic other studios.

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Re-core was a massively under-rated game in my opinion, i quite enjoyed it.

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"An apologist for what Microsoft was going to do."

When did i say what they wanted to do was a good thing? You just knee-jerked, got triggered, and spewed nonsense. I just outlined their always-online model, i never said i agreed with it, but props for attempting to make out i said something i did not.

"Nice try trying to make DRM 2013 look good. It didn't work."

Again, i was ...

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The tech demo has not been shown yet??....

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"The demo was built for the ps5 on the ps5 lol"

Ok, so can we say that this tech demo is "built for the Series X, on the Series X" then?

To run something on a platform, you have to build it for that platform lmao, if the features are the same, and it is the same engine, then how is it specifically "built" for the PS5? something that is specifically built for a platform would include features not a...

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"I guarantee you this demo was only made because of the popularity of the Sony demo"

No, it is quite simply showcasing their next project, nothing to do with Sony. The coalition have always used Unreal Engine, Epic games used Gears of War to showcase Unreal Engine, a game developer showing screenshots/trailers of a game using UE5 is exactly what it is. (the coalition is former epic games devs)

To tie this as...

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I'm 39 and i might get one, they can add my name to their "spreadsheet" also :p

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That is by far the most idiotic statement i have read today

"Microsoft is so pathetic in their obvious attempts to copy Sony."

What? So does that mean any studio, that shows a screenshot or trailer of their game in UE5, they are "copying Sony"?

"Sony had a UE 5 prerelease demo, so Microsoft decided they needed a demo too"

Sigh.. someone else that thinks the UE5 demo was specifically built...

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I'm with you, there is no SP campaign, it is a multiplayer only online game, so not sure why the push for an offline mode..... then that would be a SP campaign....

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The 24hr check in was only needed though due to the game sharing policy they were trying to push. This was due to having the ability to buy a game, and share it with 5 friends/family members for life, without them ever needing to buy it, in order to do this they had to implement some form of DRM.

If not for that, there would be no need for a check-in.

The confusion was caused, when they were not transparent on why and how this would work, to find out you ...

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From an Xbox gamers point of view, i have only witnessed things get better over the years.


They have released games though, the only difference is the focus and direction.

Sony chose to release PS5 exclusive games at launch, something they are now backtracking on and realising it was not the smartest business move, as the install base just is not there yet.

Microsoft chose to support both consoles in para...

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1 - Kinect was dropped due to backlash from the gaming community, and no 3rd party support.
2 - Who is Lionheart? I guess you mean Lionhead that were closed (not killed) due to not releasing anything or developing anything noteworthy for years, fable legends was garbage (i can say that with confidence, i was in the Alpha)
3 - Buying Bethesda (which in fact they did not do, they bought Zenimax Media) was not a risk, it was good business.
4 - They will not release a V...

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Good job i have a massive shovel for said games :p

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