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I would say it is not that far in development as it is still listed as Project-2021b, could be a preliminary rating based off projected content.

Normally an ESRB rating has the actual game title.

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Any acquisition is good business, whether the games were multiplatform, or primarily exclusive.

That is the point i am trying to make, acquiring a studio, is acquiring a studio, either way it keeps future games, off a rival platform (if that is what they choose), but in no way does it keep games away from gamers.

If i want to play PS games, it is simple, i buy a Playstation.

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Oh i fully understand why they acquired them, they have worked together for 26 years.

But even if it was a big multiplatform publisher they acquired, it would still be praised as good business.

In my view, Bethesda acquisition was great business, regardless of who bought them, expect Sony to make a few more additions to their 1st party over the coming months. I called it months ago lol.

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I don't know, i have noticed draw distance in some gameplay showings to be shorter than previous gen.

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I have always maintained Hellblade was a decent game, even before it released on xbox.

People who say a game is one thing because it is not on their platform, are quite simply loyal to plastic and nothing else, and will never admit a game looks good on a rival platform, no matter how good it actually is.

I like the look of HFW, i still can not play it though, it is still a good looking game for those that can.

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I know right, how dare Sony pay to keep games off other platforms, right?

Funny i was just reading comments in another article about how "Xbox is keeping games away from 180 million PS and Switch players" with their acquisitions.

Sony acquire studios and it's "great business Sony!!!!"

I struggle to see the difference tbh.

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I would say intelligence as opposed to imagination. They seem to have a terrific imagination with some of the statements made lol.

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I played Gears 3 for a while online (i am absolutely terrible at it lol) but have yet to play 4 and 5, i have owned them all and the only campaign i have fully completed is Gears 1 lol.

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I hope so, they were the games i used to play when i was primarily on PC, Quake, Hexen, Doom, Unreal tournament and how can i not mention Half-life lol.

We are well overdue a new Quake.


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I'm not saying it isn't amazing.

Simply saying that something only makes something else better, if you like the something.

It applies to anything.

The statement of "Dualsense implementation alone makes a multiplatform game better on PS5." will not apply to gamers who do not like the Dualsense (and there will be some) thus making the statement an opinion.

Just like if i said something like "Using...

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I just had a quick look and the majority of Gears 5 achievements have only been unlocked by <5%. And that is the total playerbase according to

It looks like the majority of Gears players just play MP as opposed to SP.

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Correct, they only give a percentage of tracked gamers.

But even with that 92% of 39,000 tracked gamers have unlocked the achievement referenced in the article lol.

Edit : also the author fails to mention that 80-90% of all the Gears 5 achievements are rare.

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The game that is used to showcase xbox's power, and has been for generations, is the Forza Motorsport series. (not horizon).

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You jumped on this quite quick without doing research buddy.

92% of tracked gamers played the DLC, it is right there in the TA achievements listing


Unlocked during 2nd chapter

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Yeah it is a glitch, a quick look on TA shows that 92% have gotten the 1st achievement, even though it still shows as rare.

67% have completed all chapters of the DLC

Granted this is only TA tracked gamers, but is normally a good representation of the overall playerbase.

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Activision should also revive Hexen, the hours i put into that game back in the day.

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Only if you like the Dualsense

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(shuts eyes and crosses fingers)

"please be quake, please be quake, please be quake"

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Looks like you may be in luck with the HOTAS :-


Is the flight stick any good? and at what price point are we looking at for it?

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Me too, still undecided on which flight stick to get though. Will have to compare features/reviews etc

I have recently bought a brand new wireless kb/m for Series X to get me started before i venture into the flight stick immersion :p

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