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I have a current backlog of 271 games installed, not to mention new releases across multiple platforms of PS5, PC, and Series X between now and 2022-2023.

I said "us gamers", not "xbox console owners"

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Already pre-installed via gamepass :p

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Xcloud on TV, just as Xcloud is on mobile today.

Will be the same thing

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I agree, i am under the mindset of the more gamers that get to enjoy Microsoft's library, the better. Even if it means all games are on Playstation, Switch, TV's, Mobile, Loaf of bread, Tins of beans, it in no way affects the way i purchase in the slightest.

All it does, is result in more options, and better quality games for me, and all.

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I think they will, i'm expecting a few to be released this year, and the majority of what they show for launch next year, with closing trailers of 2023 release titles.

All in all, i think it is going to be big.

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If we do, we do, plenty of games to tie us gamers over in the meantime.

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I hope so, i'm expecting a big Halo showing, night and day difference compared to last year, and showings of the following :-

MSFS for console gameplay / July 2021 release date
Hellblade 2 gameplay / 2022 release date
Forza Motorsport gameplay / 2021 release date
AOE console version announcement
Avowed gameplay trailer / 2022 release date
Fable trailer
Perfect Dark gameplay / 2022 release date

And ...

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So hyped!!!

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It is well known Microsoft want to cater for all "kinds" of gamers :p

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AAA games will take around 3-5 years to complete.

I'm fully expecting some decent gameplay of these projects come Sunday, along with a surprise or two.

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I dunno, i would say decent is purely subjective, since Gears 5 they have released :-

Wasteland Remastered
Bleeding Edge
Minecraft Dungeons
The Bard's Tale: Remastered and Resnarkled

Just for xbox, another handful of titles for PC and mobile.

Although not AAA it is not like they are not working on things, Halo was supposed to launch last year, but instead got pushed back. These studios...

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Same as always, making consoles and games available to every single gamer on earth.

Believe in this, once millions upon millions of gamers can access xbox games anywhere, all subbing up to one of the sub services, you can bet your bottom dollar Sony will go the exact same route.

Why cater for around an 80 million playerbase, when you can potentially cater for billions?

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Even numbers mean nothing to me, games do.

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Lol i know right, but a certain portion of the gaming community are running out of things to downplay xbox, after E3, the "no games" "lack of exclusives" arguing point will also be gone.

So now the bandwagon coming through town is the "xbox is abandoning hardware" even after just releasing a statement saying they are already into R&D of the next hardware (Next-gen)

The comments sections on xbox articles really make my day...

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"It will when Microsoft wants to actually make a profit for once with Xbox. The console hardware never made a cent of profit since the original Xbox, gamepass has never made profit, most first party titles don't make profit, their recent acquisitions and the ones a few years ago never made profit. Are they a charity company now?"

So you think they will go all cloud? no hardware? good luck on trying to stream a next-gen game at Nati...

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What i find hilarious and quite hypocritical, is Sony put Playstation games on TV's well before Xbox have, but then it was ok, now it is the demise of the xbox console as we know it.

Last time i checked Playstation still released a console, even after being on TV's/Mobiles/handhelds and PC's

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Everyone saw it coming, because it has been the messaging from Xbox for years now.

They have always pushed the message that gamers should be able to play great games on any device they wish.

I don't know how much more clearer they can be.

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"Battlefield 2042 Looks F**king Bananas"

Well they sure are treating their fanbase as monkeys.

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Sir Phil, do us proud Sunday lad!!

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I don't think it will (much) they seem to have very good programmers to get games scaled correctly.

I see in the future different tiers of options :-

Traditional power console - top end features/graphics
Entry console - Mid range features/graphics
Streaming devices, TV's/mobile etc - Low end features/graphics

Something for all gamer types across the world.

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