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Can't wait for the sequel. I'm playing Elden ring right now so hopefully it is as fast as that game.

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Solid list

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I wish these subscription services would give more notice on this because I really wanted to play Scarlett nexus but just started elden ring. I guess I will have to pause Elden Ring and come back after I finish Scarlet Nexus

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Dragons Dogma is there for less than $5. If anyone is looking for an epic swords and sorcery rpg with a class system I highly recommend it.

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I would love to go from premium to extra when my plan renews but Sony is leaving me with no choice but to the subscription run out then maybe renew

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I found the demo to be ok and I am interested in playing more of the full game when it is released. I will wait for the reviews to know more about the quality of the story and if the game does more to challenge the player.

While I like that we have a female lead in a swords and sorcery game, I don't believe a teenage girl influenced by hip-hop belongs in this setting. The world also feels post apocalyptic where there are few small settlements and ruins all over the plac...

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Just see see if I understand, these deals are set to go live on Black Friday? The Elden ring deal looks great at $35 but their website currently has it listed at $49.99

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It would be awesome if a skilled crafts man would remake the Jotnar edition with Oak and Viking steel with the same artistic touch seen on the knowledge keepers shrine.

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This is great and I can't wait to see what they will do with the next gen systems. I hope they make a bleach and fairy tail at some point though.

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This is exciting news. I just hope it will be a noticable bump in visuals.

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While I do understand his concern, I don't think it will come to that. Activision and Blizzard are already in that phase where they are cutting cost, limiting the variety of what game franchises they have in development and moving into the live service model with games like Diablo Immortal and Call of Duty Warzone.

When Phil Spenser recently acquired those studios, he publicly entertained the idea of reviving dormant franchises and this is something you will never see J...

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The hype for this game is so high that even I who always wait for a sale no matter what is thinking of getting this one at full price on PS5 before Christmas. Are there any like minded individuals here that think this might be the one case where an exception must be made or do you still think to wait for a sale?

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Your statement is true mainly because Microsoft hasn't done much in terms of day and date releases with AAA exclusives. For now gamepass does offer great value for gamers but it's biggest selling point is what is possible with the resources the Xbox division possesses. I heard a youtuber (not sure who it was) say the studios Microsoft acquired are not working on games to be released on Xbox series systems but their next gen consoles. I hope he is proven to be wrong.

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If Sony and other publishers don't intend on moving away from the PS4 and Xbox one anytime soon then we can't really say we are in the 9th generation. Side by Side, there are hardly any differences between the PS4 and the PS5 version of God of War ragnarok other than the framerate and the slight visual improvement that may not be noticable unless it is side by side. I am not saying this to bash God of war because I haven't played it as yet and based on the reception, it sounds lik...

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God of war 2018 was successful partly to the fact that it had the perception of being a reboot. It also helped that the previous God of war games weren't that complex in terms of story. We all know what was kratos motivation in those games.

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I think it didn't do as well because it is the 4th game in the series. While you don't need to play the previous uncharted to enjoy these games, people will still be hesitant because it is story driven. Sony should have rebooted the original.

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Does this make the PS4 Sony's best console of all time?

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If all those studios release nothing they will lose even more money. If they put something out, atleast they can win over gamers to their platform.

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I recently purchased a series X and I do find game pass in it's current form an amazing deal for gamers but the lack of big first party releases is noticable. 2023 will be a critical year for Xbox. I know bathesda is set to release starfield but want to see games from some of the many studios that were aquired. When the Halo infinite delayed it's road map and canceled campaign co-op, gamers called for 343 to be removed from the Halo brand. If 2023 ends up being a dud, people may start...

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You speak the truth. There are so many great games to play right now that I don't even have enough time to clear out my backlog.

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