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...Red Dead 2...

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Man I still remember coming back from Australia as a 17 year old, seeing a Bioshock trailer on a flight home and thinking "ooh not heard of that, looks interesting". Best possible way to encounter a great game.

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Yep absolutely. Germany has a bad track record for banning games too. It's not political, it's a bloody game. We have games where we go and murder innocent people in airports, or hack people to pieces and suffocate them with plastic bags (great game that Manhunt...) yet they aren't banned.

That said, this Ukraine conflict is extremely crappy and shouldn't be happening to begin with.

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Wow, this is genuinely the first article that has nail how I felt about it. In Sekiro the guardian ape was challenging but I agree, The Owl was my first real barrier...then Isshin, for four long hours.

After Sekiro I finally went back and took down Demon's Souls. It's taken me a year to get back around to Elden Ring and just last night I had my own epiphany moment when a random player helped me take down an erdtree avatar, after wandering off the beaten path and th...

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Regardless of when it releases, From's track record with DLC suggests this will be worth whatever wait it entails.

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Fantastic comment, Crow 👊

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I'm having bizarre issues where all the different thumbnail pictures flash alternatingly across the screen. I'm currently seeing a very nice advert for Coroman in my text box as I type this. Technology 😎

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GameCube then Wii please. DS easily accessible through the still somewhat relevant 3DS and all that awesome CFW.

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This is so fucking stupid. It's a game, not a political or activist issue. If you enjoy Harry Potter play the game, if you don't then don't.

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He must be a martian.

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My only issue is with ActiBlizzard and this absolutely POS excuse for a man. For those reasons alone, I would laugh if it all falls through.

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I loved BOTW (decades old Nintendo fan who SOMEHOW never got into Zelda until BOTW) and I'm super excited for TOTK but I still agree with you absolutely.

It doesn't bother me at all it's 1080p, we have all known Nintendo beats to their own tech drum, and £60 is better than £70 but it's still frustrating we never, ever get genuine Nintendo price drops for games. At least they hold their value better than most releases.

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Briefcase wanker? 😂

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The people are sound, it's our government that's fucked.

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Hi Bobby Dick, I'm one of 67 million British but I'd like to speak for everyone when I say: Go fuck yourself.

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My thanks and apologies, I didn't forget Golden Abyss it just wasn't a ND game but I realise I could have worded that better. 😜

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For a long time Crash was dead. They kept making games but the Crash that became the PSX mascot died after Crash Bash... Possibly WOC if you're feeling generous. I long say Naughty Dogs missing presence was the reason why, then Toys For Bob revived him in all his past, present and future glory. I was wrong. Tomb Raider had some of the highest highs and lowest lows, but each decade some new developments brings it back with a new flair.

Uncharted might have a great next ...

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Call Agent 47.

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I enjoyed Dirge of Cerberus but agree that a Vincent DLC would be much more appropriate for this iteration.

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With respect, nothing surpasses what Street Fighter II Turbo was and still is: unrivaled.

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