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I think cartridges would most likely be too expensive and what about updating? Yes, a lot of games seem broken when they released, but before the updating is over they are usually a better more reliable game. So how what updates work?

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If NEO happens Sony will have segmented there user base and will be competing against themselves. Kind of the same reason Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be the last version. Think about it - the only real operating system competition they have is themselves and now Sony is doing this on purpose. Morons.

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So far it has taken me at least 4 hours. Of course I play the DLC the way I play the rest of the game and take my time to read Automatron terminals, hack locks that I don't necessarily have to, etc. I would give the DLC a 7-8.

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The best thing Sony could do to help Microsoft is really have a Sony PS4.5. This would split the user base from the haves to the have nots, create confusion, and fanboyism saying my Sony 4.5 box is more awesome than your Sony 4 crapbox.

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I think beyond the crap motion controllers and camera the PSVR doesn't even come with them for the $400 price tag. This means you're not spending $400 on a peripheral but more like $500+.

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Nothing more than a marketing stunt. A good one mind you, but Sony is hiring all the time and whether you label it a Lionhead Studios blah, blah, blah or Job Fair it means the same thing. If non-Lionhead Studios employees turn up with the right qualifications I can't see them turning them away.

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Since this is a real place it looks like coincidence to me. Not like anyone can really be sued over taking a similar or exact picture of a real place for using it in a video game. Of course if it happens quite a bit in the game there might be something to the fantasy that it was on purpose and Naughty Dog was using it without permission or as an Easter Egg find.

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size matters - in this case the smaller the better because if your pixels are smaller you have more of them on screen. I prefer to think about how you handle it rather than the size of your pixel thingies.

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Visual acuity is usually measured with a Snellen chart. The Snellen chart displays letters of progressively smaller size. "Normal" vision is 20/20. This means that the test subject sees the same line of letters at 20 feet that a normal person sees at 20 feet. Doesn't mean a person can't have better vision, but for most 20/20 is "Normal".

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In the beginning when I was a teenager buying the first X-Box for Halo: Combat Evolved I bought it because I new I couldn't get it anywhere else. Over the years though I have come to buy consoles not for the exclusives but because I don't have to worry about owning a powerful big budget PC with ongoing upgrade and maintenance costs. For the next 5-10 years if it reads "XBOX ONE" on the box there is ZERO doubt I can play the game. I don't have to worry about whether my...

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I'm sure you believe that just like you believe the Earth is flat.

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The only way you can be objective on something like this is go to sites you don't normally go to and look at opinions completely different from your own. The XB1 had nearly disastrous launch policies and very poor management decisions but it has revived itself. It will never be at the top of this console cycle but they are competitive and will make Microsoft money. They went from (PS4) 2 to (XB1) 1 to 3 to 2. So they have made up some ground but will never completely recover except m...

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Seeing this comparison it DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING because they really showed off nothing. If this I truly all a PC can accomplish there is no point in dealing with all the issues a PC can bring to vs. the game just working on the chosen console platform.

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Speed/Power = Ferrari, Comfort/Gas Mileage = Honda Fit.

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Your a thief no matter what the fake reasons you give for being a thief and you're telling people this beforehand so you're not even a smart thief. And people wonder why gamers are thought of as childish.

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I see nothing special in any of the shots for the PC version or why it is considered better. There looked like there MAY have been more realistic against the ice, but otherwise it meant nothing to me. I suppose during intense action it will really shine with faster FPS, but as for what I saw in most of the video comparisons it was a worthless comparison to say the PC was better. To me it looked different but not better.

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Maybe someone from this website should Tweet the game to Trump. I would do it but I find Twitter just as offensive as I do Trump.

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I have seen this VR nonsense before. They have tried it off and on for the last 30 years and it has never worked out so I will not hold my breath. The coolest thing in VR that I ever experienced was at MIT - it was a full body DOOM 2 simulator. It was like a Star Trek holodeck. A couple of us on the tour got to try it out.

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The size of the X-Box One patch is 486 megabytes. I downloaded it this morning.

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Actually the various outfits gives you bonuses. Some will allow you to heal automatically. Others allow you to hold more ammunition, etc.

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