banned. but i am still laughing.
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time to clear my shelf for many sequels ending in 3.

the Mortal Kombat reboot will also have a place in my collection.

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would you like diapers to go with your tears and baby rattle?

ms has a list of exclusives that could be written on the head of a pin, while Sony's list can be written on a scroll.

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yes. the PlayStation 3 has the best console graphics this generation. bar none. Tetris is no exception. the best looking blocks are on the PlayStation 3.

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look at the disagrees. i see the bots have an inferiority complex coupled with a battered rectum.

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it would be nice to see the PS3 get a boost. it already stomps the xbox 360 right off the planet, why not let it vaporize it?

that aside, i am not sure this is possible with the PlayStation 3 but, Sony may have the PS4 in mind for this.

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One word. Flop.

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i hope so. i do not enjoy giving twitter the time of day. i usually read the articles or lambaste them if they are not worth my finger movement.

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i am taken back by this. Cliff plays follow the leader and Call of Duty gets to stink up Mortal Kombat.

i would rather them put Bobby Kotick in the game. his fatality would be drowning you in money. or would he charge for doing a fatality?

or would his moves and fatalities be DLC?

would him even moving be DLC?

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when they show off more of Uncharted 3, i expect a wave of excitement to surge through the internet.

Uncharted 3 is a milestone when we reference console graphics, which is limited hardware.

Game of The Year 2011 has been shown early.

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i am pleased with the fact that you have a brain.

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hope the xbox 360 does not hold this game back.

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smok3xffx. in case you didn't notice, the majority of us gave up on reviews and decided to play the game.

the general consensus on N4G is favorable for the game. that aside, Asia loves it, North America has a soft spot for it and Europe is thrilled with it.

Halo 3 has graphics? Uncharted 1 deserving a 9 is your own opinion, i give it a 10 as any fanboy would their favorite games. and gears 2? how about copy and paste?

how about broken onl...

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learn from one of the best in the open zone.

you bots almost always boast about multi-platform games. am i right people?

in the wake of the first/2nd and 3rd party exclusives that the PS3 has, the bots feebly attempt to counter that argument with that of the multi-platform games being better on their system.

very few multi-plats are better than the PlayStation 3 exclusives. it's already a given fact. we know it, you know it. only little j...

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they should just do the xbox 360 a favor and let Kratos grace the console.

it would be the closest thing the xbox 360 would get to having a bonafide exclusive.

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he's not overhyping this time. i assure you.

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well said, friend.

did anyone notice something in this list? i did.

more than 75% of it is exclusive titles that won't see the light of day on another console.

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this is a fine example of bots who have nothing left in their arsenal of insults.

Uncharted 3 is to be one of many in the ever expanding library of PlayStation 3 games that set the standard for how complete games are done. not to outdo GT5 when it comes to content and overall presentation.

The Sony PlayStation 3 has the most diverse, well polished, well-liked games of the HD consoles. i dare say Wii as well, even though the Wii also makes the xbox 360 look pa...

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you will see more of UC3. this is just the tip of the iceberg.

the in-game visuals [are] 2nd to none on a console.

get ready for the graphics bar to be set so high, that ms will have no choice but to throw in the towel right along with the bots.

Happy Holidays.

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this game is officially better than Final Fantasy XIII.

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both titles ever only got a mention of a release in 2011.

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