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I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the Gamecube.......maybe it is time again.
Now can you please remaster all the best games I have missed inbetween. Thnx

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I haven't even opened Titanfall 2 or Metal Gear Solid V yet. Haven't even bought Uncharted 4. Played about an hour of Fallout 4. Something tells me I am losing interest in games. In other news I have played about 1000 hours of Rocket League in the past year...........

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Is nostalgia strong enough for this to be worth a purchase? I somehow doubt the gameplay has aged as well as some of us think. I mean Call Of Duty has been basically the same game since MW1 came out, and I just think I might be too bored with the formula to even bother any more.

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It was a joke.

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Ubisoft's what?
What's a Division?

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Let's hope so! Though I'm sure a thousand sci games are inspired by Half-Life -it doesn't guarantee a valve level of quality, atmosphere and character.

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The pope needs to shut his fucking mouth

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Hopefully look better than that.

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Oh it'd be great to get some new Unix games. Not that I am getting bored of Lemmings and Sim City, but you know, it'd be good to get with the modern times. Hooray.

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Another week, another "here's what something could look like in UE4". Just make something original and make it playable.

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This has been accidentally leaked before.

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I wonder if reviving the old Sega Saturn / PS1 graphics will be the new 8-bit? Certainly looks fun and not too serious - which is refreshing for a racing game.

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It's a shame because I found the premise quite interesting and unique. On the surface it may look like Dark Souls but from the demos I watched - especially the ones which actually showed it in full 60fps, it had a style and atmosphere of its own.

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I have the Gear VR and for most games I am absolutely fine - but it's the ones that use both analog sticks on the controller that trigger nausea. Just looking around, flying, jumping etc. all feels great, it's just when you are turning a corner with your right stick instead of your head that feels all wrong. I found horror games like this and also VR Minecraft to be the absolute worst for nausea - and I am not even usually prone to it.

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"By the time this November rolls around, it will have been a decade since the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released. The fan-favorite shooter debuted in Nov. 5, 2007 "

9 Years is not a decade

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With AMD's high end Radeon becoming a ridiculously affordable GPU, these upgraded consoles better have something up their sleeves to make them worth it. I don't just don't think Halo, Gears and Forza are enough any more.

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I already like the Titanfall MP. Am not going to bother with the tacked-on campaign though....well, not until PSN breaks down again.

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I thought "what a load of generic sci-fi bollocks" then read the comments and they were all like "hey this actually looks fun".....sigh.

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