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I haven't bought an EA Sports game since they made an exclusive with every notable sports league and crushed any opportunity of competition. Compounded that they continue to put out the same game year over year this generation, I'll speak with my wallet (like many others have figured out) and buy something innovative.

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The implementation of a DRM will solely be at the will of the publishers and developers. These two groups weren't persecuted at all for the XboxOne DRM announcement but don't kid yourself, they were the catalysts behind it.

So the answer to your question, "What's to stop them..?" is, "Nothing."

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Apple figured it out years ago and like it or not, it'll come. It will only take one big boy to start it off, say EA?

This isn't a business where you can steal a song off YouTube, rip it onto your iPod and deny the artist and publisher their dues. With only two or three points of usage this is a very manageable opportunity for the real owners of the intellectual property to enforce their rights. It's only a matter of time.

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Wow 5 logical responses in a row on N4G, congrats to those above me. The response by the publishing and developing community to manage the licensing of their products is inevitable. The backlash against DRM is only a delay in the reality of developing parties insisting that the console manufacturers reinstall the software protecting their intellectual property.

Remember good people; you only purchased the right to play the game. You don't own more than the case, instruct...

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Naughty Dog: the only game(s) I play on my PS3. I really have no preference to system (except Wii/U, that's just stupid). I do however have a massive preference to a controller and that controller is the Dreamcast/Xbox version. Nothing feels more comfortable and it doesn't give me carpel-tunnel like the Dualshock does. If someone could develop an xbox feel controller that works on the PS system I guarantee I would play it more often. Off topic I know, but I wanted to plug my absolute ...

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They still sell Wii-U's? Huh.

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I would hardly consider the WiiU a headstart platform. IMHO I don't believe this 'Leapfrog' tablet offers the gaming community anything.

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Sure no problem. Be sure to pick up his teddy and blankie too. If he knew what would rehabilitate him he wouldn't be there so let's allow the counselor(s) and therapists to decide. F-tard.

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I loved my Dreamcast. I went absolutely mental buying used games and consoles on ebay just before its demise. I have close to a hundred titles but sadly it resides in a box. I really don't know what I should do with them; sell the classics on ebay or keep it in a box to get rid of in another 10 years? Someone above suggested that XBL or even PSN should get a hold of these classics (Crazy Taxi, HeadHunter, Code Veronica, Psychonauts) because I would buy them. I'm sure the developer wou...

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You nailed it! Tell my 11 year or 14 year old daughters that Justin Bieber is insignificant and you'll be one sorry Daddy. Not my cup of tea but then again my parents weren't too keen on a band called KISS (who really aren't that good). How'd that work out for them?

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I almost bought this game yesterday until I went into Gamestop to discover that it was priced at $69.95 CDN. While I believe that developers or retailers should be able to charge what they want; be cognizant that you can overprice the product.

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How old is old Lizard? I'm 43 and convinced my parents back in 1978 to buy Pong. If it wasn't for us old people there wouldn't even be an industry.

It all had to start somewhere. So from this old guy, you're welcome.

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Sony loveboy aside, that was the funniest comment I have heard on this site in years. "Show me on this doll." Classic man, that was hilarious! Keep up the good work.

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Then without Henry Ford there wouldn't be mass vehicle assembly lines. How's your FORD? What, you don't own one? You mean there are alternatives that might do the job better and faster?

Not trying to hammer you, just your point is flawed.

My question would be, "Why does MS feel the need to spend such a vast amount of money against a competitor with less than 10% market share?"

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New Arcade SKU (with new Newton motion controller)/256MB and new packaged Newton game for $199
New Premium SKU upgraded to new 60GB HD for $249
Elite SKu for $299

Historically, console owners will not buy peripherals separately, however the new Newton SKU (priced below or at par with the Wii) with a game will convert potential Wii buyers to new 360 owners.

My thoughts only.

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New Arcade SKU (with new Newton motion controller)/256MB and new packaged Newton game for $199
New Premium SKU upgraded to new 60GB HD for $249
Elite SKu for $299

Current gen gamers will not buy the Newton peripheral separately, however the new Newton SKU (priced below the Wii) with a game will convert potential Wii buyers to new 360 owvners.

My thoughts only.

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What about a new SKU that replaces Arcade and includes the Newton with 256MB card and a game that retails for under the current Wii?

The panel made a good point about trying to get people to buy peripherals. Unlikely you will get a large uptake of current owners buying a new peripheral but how many Wii's does Nintendo sell every month? Even if MS could get 10% of the monthly Wii, that would be greater than the total numbers being sold by Arcade. The current hardcore gamer may not...

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I completely agree with you that in most cases that when you purchase something you actually 'own it' like a TV, car or jar of jam.

In the case of video games (and all the intellectual property rights associated with it) you actually don't own it (you do own the case, instruction book and the hard disk). In fact you only paid for the single use rights to the intellectual property that is coded to the disk. One major complexity of the video game industry is dealing with the resale...

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that 'sharing' content that is not yours or receiving from others is a crime. The payment you made to the artist through retailer is for single use only and does entitle you to 'share' your good fortune with others. You screw the artist for too long and the artist no longer makes their art available. So, enjoy the free ride while you can because there will never be a law that exonerates the holder of art to profit(profit does not always equate to dollars) while the originator receives nothing...

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On my Powerbook and it scored 75/100. Mind you I do have a number of personal settings that likely screwed up the score as it was supposed to be set to factory default. Out of interest I ran 52/100 on version

I have been a fan of Safari ever since I 'converted' to mac 6 years ago. Best browser I've ever used. Although I'm not a big fan of it on a PC (real buggy).

Just my 2 cents.

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