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I liked XIII's better but this is still nice enough.

The best Japanese theme song for a game I've played lately was for Fragile Dreams by Aoi Teshima.

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Before I whine let me admit I am a big hater of David Cage. Who keeps asking his opinion about stuff anyway?

It's like he revises the content of his game to prove a point. It is a big lie for him to say his game didn't feature guns. Heavy Rain had a big action scene where an obese senior private eye gunned down a whole mansion full of armed bodyguards like he was Dirty Harry.

Next he will deride other developers for including stereotypes in their game...

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You are one of the few people going around who actually defends a true 1-10 rating scale. Though I think it deserves a 7 or 8, you still get respect for not being a dolt who only dishes out 9s or 2s.

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Damn. Just seeing this article made me watch an hour of Morning Musume videos.

Yeah it would be the first music game I'd have bought since Space Channel 5.

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How about decent? Looks fun but not at all what I ask for as an RE fan.

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I hope Suda does another serious game one day. Killer 7 was so profound, and I'd hate to see his legacy be dick jokes and cheerleaders.

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I'm 19 and dying to play Suda's stupid game. I must be a manchild :(

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An "actual" indie game as opposed to all the fake ones I've been playing?

Lol looks great still. The MSN tone playing halfway through got me too.

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Agreed. I only get mad reading this drivel.

"Nostalgia is most often left in the past because these old games simply don't cut it compared to what we have now."

Yeah cause sooo many games now are doing what Silent Hill did only better.

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They continue the proud tradition of close ups on terrified terrified people's mouths.

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It will still be a hundred times better than that Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad game.

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I remember the first time I watched Bioshock gameplay. I said "meh", but it ended up being the best SP FPS of 2007! I won't make the mistake again.

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I guess I'd quit gaming in 3 years then. Hell no.

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First he says Gears should give up it's signature style for a FPS version, then he rags on Epic, then he says Resident Evil should be made by more Americans. I am sad.

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Yeah lets not start a trend. PSP had none, now 3DS. Vita is a really cool platform and deserves great games.

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It's fast paced. Even people who don't get into RPGs can enjoy things and be done with it in 6 hours or so. Great game.

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I remember the demo... Ready, steady, go?

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That's all I really associate with PC gaming going by the news. It would be great if it did get a port, because PC gamers rarely get Japanese console games. That's a big reason I won't go all PC gaming myself.

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An XL and a Lite. Totally will happen and I will hold off on purchasing a 3DS till one of them drops next year.

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Don't be one of those.

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