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are these people in business with Game Stop? My Local Game Stop will not even turn on the PS3. lol The xbox is on, and the wii is on, but not the PS3, it in the back corner, with a few select games. lol

Also NO sign of Killzone2 at all, but man the Halo wars Posters all over the place.


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Well ok its not perfect, so what? Can someone please tell me, what xbox is giving a way for free? Do you get your online free? When you do please let me know.

Until then Its fine. its a beta. its free. I was able to get online yesterday and even got to game of bowling. I don't think this Home is for me, but atleast its an option.

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Here is my take on N4G. When I got my PS3 Last July, It was only one way to post. It was Xbox heaven, The were bashing PS3 like no other. Then funny thing, about the time PS3 started to turn things around, O now there is an Open zone. I think N4G knew the about the xbots but was ok with it, until the PS3 started to sell.

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I bet this deal was made, way back, when the game was being developed. At that time yea the 360 was the console of choice, but times have changed. By the time this game actually gets to the xbox, the PS3 will have equal or close to equal install base. So it must of been for the cash.

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It looked like their demo, was a little jittery, didn't it? There was a few times it looked like it was loading up or something, right between the attacks. Wasn't this game built on the 360?.

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I am so surprised that you ps3 fans cant figure this out. So let me explain this to you.

Xbox 360 will out sell the Ps3. Here is how. As soon as the PS3 gets within 1 million units. Microsoft will stop making the 360 and launch a new xbox 720. So the xbox 360 will outsell Ps3. Simple Really. Before you disagree, the Ps2 is still selling and the orginal xbox is long, long, long gone.

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Seeing that Xbox won is not bad, seeing it has 12 months of games ahead of the PS3. So Is it a "That a way boy for the xbox" or Way to Go for the PS3"

Id like to see the numbers for the xbox minus 12 months worth of games. That would be interesting....

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Its not good that Sony pulled to firmware , but at least they did recognize it and are trying to get it fixed. They could of just said, NO there is on problem. And left it, As some other companies would of done. Remember AC game, that was a major problem and UBI Soft just ignored if for weeks before doing something about it.

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OMG People, its Free, So what you have to miss a day of playing, geez, get outside and so something.

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In business time is money! --- Yes, and if they took the time, it would make them money. Ps3 is already ahead of Xbox in EU, So the time is comming they are going to have to put the effort into the PS3.

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now if we could just get ea out of it.

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with the 360 its the dvd version, not blu-ray its a bit shorter. lol

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Was this game built on the 360 and ported to the ps3? Could just be bad programming. We have seen that its not a good idea to build for 360 first, then port to PS3.

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I thought according to all the bots on this forum, that all this RROD was false and MS had fixed this problem, even the old ones. LOL

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lol you knock blu ray so much, Hey go watch a hd-dvd movie. geez

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" I would rather have games that aren't even a year old than a Blu-Ray player for twice the price."

lol, the reason its cheaper is because its not selling. Look at the worldwide scope man, the ps2 outsold the xbox 360 even with the new LOWER price. Anyone with a business head knows if you can get more for a product you do it, and when you cant you sell it cheap. Yes not the wii or ps3 but the freakin 8 plus year old ps2. The xbox is being beat by almost 20 k a week w...

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Can someone please tell me what great exclusive xbox has NOW that you are not waiting for? All I hear is wait beyond, but yet what does xbox has now? Halo was ok, but thats over, what now? what game is there that I must have? Wait Beyond?

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want to buy a xbox with games that are getting old?

Projet Gotham Racing 4 & Halo 3

Get something new, in there like, GTA Oh yea I forgot. srry

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Notice the topic heading, "Does it mean anything to you"

LOL not to me, I never had this problem?

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40k a week? thats 2 million by the end of the year if this keeps going. How big of a years lead does xbox have?

As soon as all these games that are coming out now, which was in development when xbox was in its hay day, are out, then you will seem some great multi games for the ps3.

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