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Intelligence is literally wasted on you kid. You are not the demographic and no one cares about your biased opinion.

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The fact is Mattrick's console was rushed with no central focus. Scorpio is the console Phil wanted to build with the focus on power and gaming features over a media center.

MS knows they have a huge advantage over the Pro due to Sony only providing minor upgrades. So PS4 > Xbox One, Scorpio >>> Pro. Just depends what the adaption rate is and what titles MS is working on.

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They are all native on XB1 as confirmed by several sources, stop trolling with no proof.

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Multiplatform is defined by a separate market, W10 and XB1 is the same market, same company, same structure. So no not multiplatform genius.

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No guarantee that includes Playstation, MS is producing the game so it probably just means steam.

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Very bad, ruins all the buildup and leaves people disappointed.

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So what Sony does?

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100% wrong, Xbox continues to add gaming features every month, while PS keeps giving stability updates. In terms of OS, gaming, and social features its a landslide.

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Please be true, I have been waiting for Ryse to be on GWG for over a year! Also, keep the trolls out of these threads mod, thanks .

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Fable has always been about a white male making his way in a victorian setting. Why would they want a black woman on the cover when it had nothing to do with the story. This has nothing to do with being racist, cmon people.

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Nathan Drake for Smash confirmed!

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Same excuse they gave for EA Access, a customer friendly service with enormous value, they flat out said no we don't think our customers want that. Sony can market themselves as gamer friendly, but down to brass tacts they don't care.

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My thoughts on what MS needs to show/announce at E3 to start stealing the marketshare:

Release a new SKU with an aggressive trade-in price to upgrade for existing users. Comparable if not faster than the PS4K.
- Make the new SKU compatible with Vive/Oculus
- Either Steam Homelink or complete steam functionality
- Make all PC games playable on XB1 via DX12/UWP

Returning classics that get people excited, they have alot of new IPs ...

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Samsung, LG, Vizio all better TV brands currently.

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@Overload Every other report says you are wrong, but keep believing this one source, maybe it will make feel better about your hate for MS.

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So basically Giant Bomb's review?

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Overload do you go out to every unknown site that mentions the game, seriously? Pretty embarrassing you are trying to bring the game so much negative press.

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"Most developers have a showcase beta basically a glorified demo, this is a true beta missing a ton of graphical additions that will be present in the final version." That comes from Rod himself.

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There is a reason you are ignored, but Coalition themselves have stated this exact principle. I'm still trying to figure out how it is an excuse when the developer themselves quote this? Enlighten me please..

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It's a late alpha early beta, none of the volumetric lighting, advanced texturing, or filters have even been added yet. Not to mention the weather system.

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