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Microsoft has learned that without a compelling reason to have gamers pay more for Xbox One they need to bring the price down to stay competitive. Kinect is the heart of Xbox One but not the games, it remains largely a technology whose biggest backer is Microsoft themselves. It's a peripheral add-on that game developers can chose to incorporate in their game design if they chose to. Many multiplatform devs chose not to because of costs or difficulty, or even radical redesign during develo...

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Wow, so above all this since I went back to PC. Haven't been on here in a while but it looks the same.

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PS2 had 32MB of rambus direct memory for the Emotion Engine and 4MB of edram for the Graphics Synthesizer. PS3 has 256MB xdr for the Cell and 256MB gddr3 for RSX gpu. 256MB is 8 times 32, so 8 times 256 equals 2GB. And that's just the system memory. So 4GB sounds more on target.

Xbox 360 has 512MB gddr3 unified, which is 8 times the original Xbox's unified pool of 64MB. Plus it has 10MB edram for the Xenos gpu. So 8 times 512MB would be 4GB! Plus whatever they wanna d...

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The first MGS4 trailers were done on Apple PPC-based desktops and as the next trailers rolled out the visuals changed and so did the performance. I've come to expect that I haven't SEEN THE GAME until I play it.

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No, but thanks for asking.

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No "saints" there. Or here, lol.

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Sony just wants you to believe that the parts in PS3 were worth the extra cost when in truth it's more like they didn't have to buy such rare parts when there were so many other equally powerful options available.

edit @ kneon

I think that's up to the parents, they should know what they're buying beforehand. If total cost is a concern then they always have the option of not paying for gold membership. It's a give and take world, you eithe...

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I think millions of subscribers disagree. Free would be nice but then they'd have to charge you more somewhere else, like having a $600 console at launch.

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I agree that Apple is a trend setter. But the result of their work is that we've created a type of person that fits Apple's taste. They eat at Portos Bakery, drink mocha late's at Starbucks, and consider going vegan. I'm against none of those options in particular, but seeing the masses of people that become programmed by this "I spend more so I'm better" thinking is sickening. Apple's contributions have been great but all at the cost of you and I becoming on...

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>_< I am so pissed that DMC fans won't let Ninja Theory try something new. I am definitely looking forward to this game and I always have been. I don't care that the new Dante looks's a reboot! Companies are doing a lot of reboots lately and the majority have been successful. If DMC fans want the original Dante then they should buy those games and let the people who want to see the franchise take a new direction do so.

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It's not completely unlikely that they'd announce something at CES but I think Microsoft would rather come out at E3 with such news.

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I give Jobs his due props for being a leader to the end, but he wasn't visionary. He just new how to capitalize on "lock down". Apple makes a product and has you sign in to a service they control to use said product. Then they fire upon the masses a blitzkrieg consisting of product placement, advertising, and aggressive marketing strategies that include slinging mud at PC users, Google, and Windows.

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I hope they continue selling it with onboard flash memory storage (like the current base model) or even an SSD. They're not so expensive anymore and you'll only really need like 10-20GB. It'll especially be great for game data caching.

I also hope games still stay on disc.

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It's a bitter pill but swallow it now and be done with it. Kinect not only has succeeded but it has also innovated. Also, Microsoft has already gone on record saying that the next Xbox will be Kinect compatible. So right now it's essentially their bridge to the next gen, as they transition they'll already have a headstart in consumer interest and games will already have been programmed with Kinect in mind.

Kinect is a smart move by Microsoft: extend the life of on...

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Wii having more functionality and games is a by product of it being a 5 year old console now. Bagging on Kinect for those reasons is like bagging on PS3 back in 2007, it won't matter later on.

PS3 fanboys need to admit it to themselves that Kinect has put Xbox into overdrive and all Sony can see right now is a trail of dust they've been hoping to Move through.

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CellBE was discontinued in 2009, and although they said the architecture would live on `in the future, chances are that they could very well scrap it in favor of something more mainstream.

It was a good idea, but it was also an expensive one.

I think what's going to come around for PS4 (and I think for all next gen consoles) is something along the lines of fusion architecture, which will lead to such an awesome leap in computational power for gaming.

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Very well said!

I believe that there's always more to do when it comes to making games better, but obviously there's still going to be the same limits as before. A 52 card deck no matter how you shuffle it will still only have 52 cards, and they'll always be the same ones.

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I agree with gumtrol 100%, but that's the thing about consoles. They have longer lifespans and longer periods between hardware evolutions. But the nice thing is that you're going to get games from all of the best developers, and they all work harder to make newer games look better every year to compete with each other.

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...was there ever a console besides PlayStation that could just slap on the next number and get by on that alone?

Anyway, I hope they can do better than PS4.

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Mirror's Edge had a lot of potential in my eyes, I just hate to see something so new and fresh be so wholly denied its chance to become one of the greats.

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