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you could wait a year and save 50 bucks and maybe one free game
you could wait two years and save 50 bucks and maybe get two free games
you could just wait for a special edition

Do you want to wait two years and save 100 bucks?

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selling their games at retail they end up getting about 18 bucks per game obviously selling in their own store they get a lot more

15 bucks x12 = 180 divided by 18 bucks = 10 retail games

charging you 180 bucks a year is the equivalent profit of selling you 10 retail games and lets not forget about that extra 60 bucks for live

this 15 bucks will soon be 20 bucks etc etc

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By the end of this new generation microsoft will have bought two more massive studios

i personally don't mind them buying sega because sega has done nothing with their ips

sony will also be forced to buy studios, much smaller studios but better suited for the playstation ecosystem

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the PS5 decompression unit is fast enough to handle 22GB/s, but nothing took advantage of that raw speed until know

with Oodle texture compression for the PS5, it is know possible to get speeds up to 17.38GB/s

not only does this double the speed of the PS5 SSD but having this tech this early in the generation will benefit all future PS5 games

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im pretty sure microsoft is in the process of buying up the entire industry and that includes japanese developers

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free to play is the future, no Subscription needed unless your on xbox of course

why do you think phil made a half billion, free to play game

rocket league / fortnite / fall guys are the envy of the industry

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i personally don't play any of their games and they'll be all on playstation anyway and be even better with haptic feedback & 3d sound

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sony & microsoft

its become part of marketing to have all these stories about being sold out

they put out a fraction of the stock and wait for the headlines

what was clever was ms posting out empty boxes to youtubers, how much does it cost to post a empty box

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another 900p console from microsoft, 8 gigs of slow ram, 300+ gigs of storage, 20 year old controller tech, no usb c, no wifi 6, no Bluetooth 5.1, you need to buy more storage a new hdmi cable and expensive battery pack

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with xbox having no games its no big surprise he's getting a PS5

Demon's Souls / Spiderman / Godfall and my personal favorite Bugsnax

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not all games will have repeating assets, in a game like gta you will have lampposts / windows / doors / wheels / buildings etc etc, a game like call of duty single player not so much

i think you'll find that there's 35 to 55 gigs of uncompressed sound which takes up most of the space

i don't see games getting any smaller in size

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the switch pro will put a stop to that

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you will also need to a new proprietary hard-drive a new hdmi cable and an expensive battery pack with that 299 purchase making it a lot more expensive then an actual next gen console

i don't think microsoft did its developers any favors by having them develop for such a weak console for the next generation of gaming

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New Ratchet and Clank / New Horizon Zero Dawn / New God of War / New Gran Turismo all within the first year

Sony has hit the ground running and it only gets better from here

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with no games, confusing naming and specs, no next-generation features like WiFi 6/Bluetooth 5.1/Haptic Feedback/Adaptive Triggers or even a new Os with all new Features

all phil has shown is a bunch of cgi which may or may not be turned into games in 3 to 5 years

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actually this is interesting news, i believe Horizon Forbidden West has just gone to 60fps and in going to 60fps they had to cut some graphical detail making it possible to do a PS4 version with cut down graphics and 30fps

i think the fans will be happier with a 60fps version and of course some PS5 exclusive features

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99 percent of the PlayStation 4 library will work on the PlayStation 5

This is amazing news

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insane value for new playstation owners, god of war/uncharted etc etc

join PS+ for 50 bucks a year and get 10 free games, its that simple

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with xbox its difficult to tell if your playing a backward compatible game or if its a brand new game

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there's rumors that only tetris and a bunch of cgi will be shown

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