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For me, it came down to how much fun I was having.

I spent a hell of a lot of time in the Beta, and felt like I was trying to convince myself to like it. I played enough to get comfortable with the controls and just didn't have as much fun as I thought I was going to have. And I am a guy that has played every Battlefield game since Bad Company.

I'm going to wait on this one. But I'm stoked that so many people enjoy it.

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Considering apps like Geocaching, and Niantics own Ingress, Pokemon GO is definitely not revolutionary.

But I respect your opinion and appreciate the comment.

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I think everyone intends the date to be a "Poke'Date"

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Mother of God....

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I absolutely agree, that this would be the app to push your VR tech.

However, I think we are a long way off from getting the app to work, let alone interfacing some VR tech.

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Love a good interview!

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Servers have been getting monkey stomped.

But it's our fault. WE downloaded it when we weren't supposed too.

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Good. Now give me my space game and let me destroy the galaxy!

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Been off and on all day.

Yesterday afternoon was rough, but I was good all evening. Earlier this afternoon I was able to use it for about an hour before it dropped, and has been down ever sense.


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Man, like 5 simultaneous posts?

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It seems that Eevee, Pidgeotto, and Weedle are the main basic characters everyone finds almost instantly. But the further you walk, the more interesting Pokemon you can find.

They need to overhaul their servers and their interfacing, but we're in the early stages of this app. I look forward to seeing the finished product and competing in gyms!

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You nailed a lot of the key points. I was suprised to see how the Item grab points were legit landmarks. A few indie stores in my area support Warhammer and Pokemon, and I was suprised to find those as Item-Grabs, complements of Google Earth.

It's definitely frustrating that we can't fight any of the Pokemon just yet, but this App is still in it's test phases. I would like to see a finished and advanced version, bu for now I'm enjoy the ability to get to kn...

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The further you walk, the more you'll see!

Let me know how you like it!

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Had the same problem at first. But my 2nd E-mail let me in. Did you get it working?

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I'm pretty stoked about this. Telltale won me over with The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us.

Give me the cowl and let me go fight for justice!

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That pic of Hayden tho...

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Good write up!

It's interesting because you can't just roll with Hanzo every match. Gotta pay attention to your team's character roster, and then build your own to suit.

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"Better than nothing" ??

I'll take a hard pass on this one.

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Game play looked interesting, but I've been hurt by Ubi before...

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Excellent article title!

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