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Jason Schrier is a hack, who posts hit pieces concerning Sony consistently as if Microsoft and or Nintendo don't exist. This article in particular is fact free, just a bunch of unsupported random claims. I'd venture to say that upwards of 99% of playstation gamers don't know who Jim Ryan is.

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Well Spencer is a liar so.

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@Michiel, go look up the definition of "value" b4 ranting.

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@Christopher, do better man. No one, including playstation fans should ever "worry" about videogames or the industry in general, ever. You're essentially telling people to worry about things beyond their control. Life is too short, this is a hobby nothing more.

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@Obscure grow up. Crying? Why is it so important for xbox fans to believe that playstation gamers are all hurting to play Xbox exclusives? Xbox fans are really weird in this regard.

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I will get one as there are times I do not wish to go to my set-up to play games in the house.

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Worth it.

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"Profits"? Please, Microsoft can work those figures any way they want none of their investors care about gaming

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The funny thing is now 3rd party publishers know now to, should make negotiations for games on gamepass interesting. Lol.

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@Christopher, let's not assume all executives are as myopic about the destruction of their competitors or controlling a market absolutely. Sure they all want to compete but Microsoft is unique in that they believe they're wealth entitles them to monopolize any industry they're in and if they can't they'll bounce. I doubt very much if you poured through James Ryan's emails, you find him glibbly talking about strategies to take control of Nintendo and how it would be &q...

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I'm not surprised, aftee reading some of those court documents its clear Microsoft is privately obsessed with defeating and or driving Sony out of the gaming business. There was no way any new Bethesda games come to playstation, no loss for me personally others may feel they're missing out. Publically Phil Spencer the liar spreads all sorts of fake platitudes like "when we all play together " nonsense but we know what a scumbag he is privately from his emails.

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Sony clearly has a plan to control the flow of information regarding their upcoming game release schedule and they are sticking with it. Complaining about it will not change these internal plans.

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@Taanu, facts? Lol bitterness it is then.

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@Taanu, Instead of being bitter over other people liking games you're not interested in move along and go find games you like to play on your preferred platform.

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@Retroman, congrats on reaching retirement.

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Nice to know this will be out in just over a month. Can't wait!!!

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@persona, I don't give a damn about xbox or if they don't get any playstation 3rd party exclusives don't like what the platform stands for. Xbox fans seem only to care about getting stuff for free. They're largely only interested in the 3rd party exclusives just to say their no longer exclusive to playstation not because they're genuinely interested in buying these games. You want a better console experience leave the xbox platform.

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Sony needs to do less pc ports not more. PC ports have done f**k all for them. It was just a move to show investors that there are growth avenues being explored. PC development has done nothing for playstation.

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Yep, lol makes zero sense. It's like people mad about the ps plus price increase and then theorize its because Sony is going to announce 1st party day 1 release on it.

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Yeah, the last one said 6 months to a year and is still exclusive. Lol

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