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I wouldn't believe anything you read on this website. So many BS articles. Go to a legit gaming site for your gaming news. They let anyone publish crap on here.

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I love how the true fanboys come out and bash anyone that says a comment.

Maybe I am a fanboy, but of what system.

I own 150 Xbox 360 games,

137 PS3 games

53 Nintendo Wii Games

180 Pc Games

25 Dreamcast Games

and the list can go on and on,

Oh yeah thats right. I love all systems and all games.

Maybe that makes be a fanboy,, ...

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I still don't believe that anything in fact was hacked from Sony. I find it funny that a system like the PS3 that was suppose to be completely secured was just jailbroken by the hacker Geohotz and this happens. Hmmmm. very strange indeed. I also like the fact that they waited till after everything was resolved between him and Sony and than a hacker group calling themselves Anonymous comes out with threats aimed at Sony, but decides to back off cause they have nothing against gamers. After...

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Wow, and they say piracy is what's ruining the gaming industry. I'd say its the greed from these stupid company's trying to pump more money out of us. My COD days end here. Not investing any more money into any game that descides to go subscription based and those that do are also at fault for why its gotten this far to begin with. Any game you buy that you need to keep paying for over and over each month is bullshit and will not see my money and I hope people follow suit as well ...

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The only kick ass shooter that I truly see making a comeback would have to be Black. That game kicked ass in so many ways and even looked great visually.

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I have already played through and finished the game and without any problems, so not sure what some people are experiencing, but the game played flawlessly for me. I am already beginning a new story to have it play out a different way for me. Loved the game.

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Thats not a hard answer. I think Both systems offer great games and even though I like the exclusives from both side, I like the PS3. I have stuck with sony from day one and have never been disappointed so why change. I always see comparisons, but who cares.Games look great on either system. I still choose PC over any console in that category, but still Both companies get my vote.

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Its funny to think that 360 fans were bashing Ps3 fans for saying what they said and it turns out that the ps3 fans were actually right. Come on,its Microsoft. If people are still stupid enough to believe any of the crap they give us, than you truly are dumb. Natal is nothing more than the PsEye like everyone has been saying. It seems like no creative minds exist over at Microsoft, because what they needed was something mind blowing, not the same ideas from other people that have been tried b...

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This reminds me of those get rich quick scemes you see on Tv where they try to sell their crap by using paid actors. I guess its easy for Microsoft to do something like that though because when they feel threatened by competition, they just throw money at people to sell their crap.

Natal is nothing more than the same technology that has been around using what Sony has already brought to the table which is the PsEye. Nothing new there, but I still think its good for those 360 us...

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Yeah that makes alot of sense. A game that doesn't exist yet and they already are saying that it will outdo a game thats out now. Well of course anything will outdo teh game before it and so on. I'm sure that Killzone 10 will outdo Halo 8. And Halo 17 will outdo Gears 9. Who the effin' cares. If I was able to gather all the damn fanboys of every console and put them in a room I would probably drown them all because they give gaming a bad name. Always this consoles better than that one or this...

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Who cares if these games have major installs. The installation of a game does not affect me at all.

My advice is swap out your drive for a 500Gb as posted before by other users. It probably the best solution for this, otherwise deal with it and enjoy.

I enjoyed the demo and thought the game looked great!!!

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I have over 200 PS2 games and this was the first thing I tested when I bought my PS3. All games work 100%. I like reading all this bullshit postings, cause pretty much all are 100% BS.

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HAHAHAHA another attempt at something that will fail. I love how they throw away their money and then blame their loss on gamers.

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Mature content is meant for mature audience. I think no way at all is a child a mature audience so therefore should not affect the games that contain mature themes. They don't slap a rating on the box just for some added eye candy. And hell yeah I think of kids when I'm gaming. I cannot wait to have a couple, then I can have a fun family frag fest on my hands. That would be sweet.

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I bet if they didn't charge for online accounts, people would probably purchase them then and they would make money instead of lose it to pirating. They spend lots of money on their security, but thats the problem. Spend less time concerned and address the issues ina different manner. I would say reduce game prices a little and don't charge for online play, that way you can make money. Yeah sure, its probably not what you want, but at least you would be making alot more then you probably are...

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People that complain about this game actually give the game more publicity than they realize. I for one say if its too violent for you , then don't play it. Maybe they will make you a new my little pony's game or perhaps new barbie game for you to play with. R* is very sensible in the fact that they included no children of any age in their game and why because that just would be wrong. The game is fiction, and obviously too much for these cry babies.

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I have the 80GB Ps3 system and only had it lock up when I took michelle on the first date, after that it worked smoothly. I just restarted and it worked fine. But just wanted to note, it did freeze , but only once.

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This guy is full of crap. You cannot finish it in that time and have completed missions and side missions as well as watched the cutscenes. Because like I said before

56 hours of gameplay to complete

7 hours of cutscenes

you do the math,

this guy is full of it.

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Yeah I remember Pong. I felt so guilt everytime that poor ball it my paddle. Who cares about the realistic nature of the game. Maybe you should go play some mario brothers. People make me sick. Its a damn game. Maybe you should return the game , get your money back and by a soother for your troubles.

Oh and by the way, I stabbed this girl who was jogging and after she was on the ground, still moving, I decided to call the police to see how fast they would respond. They showed u...

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