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Less grinding. When people post YouTube vids of devices they've invented to save them from having to hack and slash their way through waves of the same enemies, you know you have created a repetitive game. Hate to say it- I wanted the game to be great but it ended up being pretty bland. The next one needs a legit campaign like someone mentioned and less focus on patrols and such for points.

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Gotta agree with Jalva. Among me and my friends, I was the only one to own a PS3 last gen, and I actually wanted to trade in for a 360 on many occasions because nearly all of the multiplats and many of the exclusives just plain ran better on the 360. Now we are seeing the tables turned. It was clear early on that Sony had designed a more powerful system *focused on games*. The Xbox TV features didn't prove to be very important to any of us because most of us rely less and less on cable TV...

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This is how these details always get leaked. Chip companies have started telling employees to keep sensitive info off of their LinkedIn profiles under threat of disciplinary action. Hope this person didn't get called into a "meeting". In this case it's a good leak because it'll gather more interest for the X1

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Probably won't be the last one, but it'd be cool if he started a new universe of games in the action vein. If it is the last one, the MGS story has been nothing short of epic, great games since the NES.

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These maps look amazing- here's hoping we get dynamic day/night cycles in BF5. It'd be cool if th server could set the in-game time of day for the match so that the light would adjust accordingly during the playtime. For long obliteration and conquest games this would be awesome- starting at 4am in-game and watching the sun rise as you play.

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skwidd said: "Its not an opinion piece. Its a very sly way of saying The Order is a bad game like its a fact that everyone agrees on."

I agree.

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Neo_Zeed called it.

By a large most people are running bargain basement PCs. I've been a PC gamer for years and only recently returned to consoles. The limiting factor for PC developers isn't usually consoles, it's having to target enough average PCs to sell enough copies to stay in business.

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Even Phil Spencer doesn't think DX12 will be a big leap forward for Xbox One:

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I decided to ignore the reviews and bought it day one. Glad I did. It has a different feel to most current games, and I found the gunplay to be surprisingly good. Some of the cutscenes get a little long-winded but they don't take away from the experience. Dunno if its worth analyzing. The game is cool.

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Agree- Dust2 is one of the best ever. Wake Island is legendary as well. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that they put Crash from COD4 on there- also an awesome map. Someone else mentioned Stack from Goldeneye- I thought that should have gotten the nod instead of Facility. Well thought out list that covers several generations of games.

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Agree with theFro. Both have really never been better. I was a PC gamer for years and still dabble in it, but you can't beat the simplicity and quality of consoles these days. If I had to choose just one system it'd be a console.

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Gotta give you that. CS is still king in my mind too. It is def one of those games you
HAVE to play with a mouse & keyboard though to really experience it.

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Agree- played plenty on both PS4 and PC and never had any serious issue. Glad to see even more content coming though- will give people reason to still pop back on in numbers though most of the attention will probably be on hardline by then.

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On the fence about scooping this up Fri. One or two bad reviews is one thing, but it's been panned by quite a few reviewers. Will be seeking out some user reviews- sometimes game journalists can be a little jaded.

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So the simulation rate and framerate are in lock-step. This is AWESOME news because the controls should be amazing with no input lag. Plus they are doing post processing, etc. If you're going to release a game that runs at 30fps, this is the way to do it so it feels as fluid as possible. I'm stoked for this one.

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Youtube is full of speedrun videos for thousands of games. Lots of games CAN be beaten in a really short timeframe, but why not soak up the experience, side quests, etc? Doesn't have to be a contest from release day to see who finishes the game first.

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I don't disagree with the quote above from neogaf, but lumping all online MP games together as "repetitive" isn't really valid IMO. Many online MP games that focus on leveling up have a ton of replay value because playing against human opponents is different every time. A good story-focused single player game can also be an awesome experience that you want to revisit multiple times, too. The Metal Gear games have been like that for me- I've played through the recent game...

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Don't really understand why last gen had to enter the discussion. Didn't really feel the game was technically lacking at all- it looks really good and plays fine. It's just all the grinding for points that dragged it down.

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Meh. This 1080p vs 900p deal has happened many times already, no? I'm just hoping this game offers a much better quest/shooter/co-op experience than destiny.

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Sony just plain knocked it out of the park this time. Start of last generation I fully expected I'd be buying an MS console this time around after owning a PS3 and going through the hiccups it had early on with 360 ports being better. But the PS4 has just gone from strength to strength.

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