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There are 25 games on the Vita? I say that as a happy Vita owner.

Anyway, I'm glad to see Vita picking up momentum. It's a great gaming device and gaming "journalists" have done a wonderful job of lying about it's games and turning people away from it. Uncharted Golden Abyss was/is one of the best games I've played on any platform in the last 3 years.

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I stopped giving Capcom the benefit of the doubt a long while ago. With that said, they've proven they can make really good new IPs (Ghost Trick, Dragon's Dogma) so we'll see what happens.

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Where's the proof?

We have an alarming amount of fingers-in-ears-lalala going on in the gaming industry right now. No one wants to admit the obvious truth that Microsoft trying to smoke and mirror gamers, and the only people who stand up are instantly labelled as - obviously! - Sony fanboys.

Microsoft has made numerous lofty claims before (so has Sony, for the record, which is why I'm still leery of EVERY PS4 game Remote Playing on Vita smoothly) an...

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I get tired at how Steam and Valve Corp are painted as the saviors of PC gaming (as if it needed saving). There is already a PC for the living's called a your living room.

SteamOS and the Steam machines ARE consoles. They are Valve-branded consoles that are trying to further edge into the console market and compete with Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.

Steam itself has always been "PC gaming Lite" and has predominantly appealed...

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It means that EA is right. Miyamoto has been playing around with pet projects for the last decade. Nintendo started a revolution with the Wii motion controls and what direction does Miyamoto take it? Glasses-free 3D and tablet-on-console gaming. Miyamoto is not creating either the quantity nor the quality that he once did.

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I've been a PC gamer since MS-DOS, and I have to agree with LostPotato.

I use Steam, but Steam is essentially just "Baby's first PC gaming". It mainly attracts people who are new to PC gaming and/or people who have predominantly played consoles but now have some extra cash and want to join the "master race".

An OS is not a gaming platform. As PC gaming continues to overlap with console gaming, Steam will be cannibalized by what Son...

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@ abzdine

"why is he talking PS4 memory when the game is multiplatform?"

Pretty much confirms PS4 will be the best version, despite its multiplat status (which seems to be the story for nearly every multiplat next-gen game we've seen so far).

He probably started converting it from PS3 to PS4 and Square-Enix realized a port to Xbox One wouldn't be too hard.

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Until the game is actually in players' hands (literally) I think it is rather premature to take any praise for a Kinect game seriously. Yes, in spite of the fact that this game is on the "new" Kinect. I can't count the number of times an upcoming Kinect game was hailed as "finally, the reason you bought a Kinect". Rise of Nightmares, Fable Journey, Steel Battalion, Star Wars, etc. etc. etc.

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Videogame companies have come and gone. There was a time when people said "Atari is here to stay" when the NES launched. There was a time when people said "SEGA is here to stay" when PS1 came out. Neo Geo, 3D0, and even N-Gage all had their fans.

And they're gone.

Microsoft doesn't need gaming. They really don't. The Xbox brand makes a fraction of what the other divisions do, and investors know that. The reason why the XBox One...

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With Nintendo having struggles in the console market and Microsoft's own investors wanting the Xbox brand to go, Sony seems like the defacto winner.

Which has its pros and cons. No one wants Sony to become complacent, but it looks like we'll have yet another PS1/PS2 era where virtually every single worthwhile game will be on a Sony console.

@ below

It's okay to be a fan of the Xbox brand, but let's not lie to ourselves. Have t...

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I think the issue that people have is that Xbox Live is a paid service and it turns people away if they're paying for a service where certain people in the community act this way.

Other paid services - like WoW, for instance - have a dedicated team of moderators who are constantly going over harassment reports as well as passively watching the behavior of players. Yes, I understand Microsoft also has a similar team but they are slow and ineffectual, and it has been appar...

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A better solution is rather simple.

Stop region-locking your games and your systems, Nintendo. There's a thriving import market that I'm sure Europeans would take advantage of is NA versions of games were playable on EU hardware.

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"would gamers (on either side) have respected Ms if they just stuck to their guns instead of trying to please everyone?"

That's a good question. The way I look at it, the Xbox One reveal (and all the stuff surrounding it) was the catalyst for the rage, not the cause. Discontent for the Xbox brand has been brewing for years ever since Microsoft made a very clear move away from the "hardcore" market in pursuit of the Wii audien...

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Every company deserves a second chance if and only if they drastically change their behavior. I'm willing to give MS a second chance if they prove themselves over the next several years but I have limited time. I'm not about to waste money on a console that isn't going to provide me the absolute peak of gaming quality. Right now, PS4 is the safe bet in that department.

To be honest, I was an Xbox gamer since Day One of the original Xbox all the way up to when my ...

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People actually think the Xbox One will be able to capture the same lightning in a bottle that the Wii caught?

Thanks for the laugh.

Xbox One will be its own thing, but XBox One is not "likely to dominate", not by any objective standard, and definitely not because it shares some very slight, passing similarities to the Wii. It is handicapped by price. The Xbox brand reputation is on crutches. The Kinect sensor can work against it just as much as it ...

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Yeah, but there are some demos with a restriction of 5 plays. Again, why make a restriction at all?

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Nintendo has this really weird obsession with forcing people to play the game the way THEY want you to play it. Nope, can't play a demo more than 12 times. We at Nintendo know that it will take no more than 12 sessions of a demo to understand it. Who cares if multiple people use the system?

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That's a good point, Stephanie. I didn't believe it until you showed me, but my Aunt's co-worker makes $89/hr from his computer at home!

Now excuse me while I go post six blogs in a row about Venezuelan Cosmetics.

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Leave poor widdle Micwosoft awone!

Geez, the Defense Force is getting overwhelming. Every single day we have a flood of "Xbox One is gonna dominate the market and cure all diseases" articles from - surprise! - a ton of no-name sites, plus a ton of non-news articles like "Major Nelson was impressed by the games on Xbox One! Megaton!"

All the backpedaling and defending reminds me of the good ol' Sony Defense Force from back in 2006. All ...

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Metal Gear launches...nukes?

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