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I would be happy if Microsoft sold the Xbox brand.

Just stop and think for a moment.

Instead of Xbox being shackled to the bloated beast known as Microsoft, instead of having endless non-gaming features crammed in, instead of the Xbox brand being co-opted in favor of non-gaming visions (TV, advertising revenue, Bing) a company could take the Xbox brand and make it a gaming brand again.

I'd love to see that.

Let me reiter...

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Depends on what you consider "impressive".

At retail, XBox One has more games. More. More impressive? That's up to you. PS4 does have the superior version of multiplats, and for the longest time (*cough*360*cough*) best multiplats was ALL that mattered to a lot of people. Surely, surely I am not the only one who remembers this type of conversation:

Gamer: "But there are hardly any new exclusives coming out for 360"


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For real. And this is announced after Sony revealed PS4 has native support for DTS-HD 7.1 Dolby?

Way to be the best media center on the planet, Xbox One...

Edit @ below

It really depends on why it can't support Dobly 5.1 on the optical port. It could be a driver issue (which can be patched and therefore support can be added) or it could be a hardware issue (if Microsoft used a cheaper/older type of optical port that does not support newer...

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1 minute boot? Not a bad thing since most people are going to run it in standby mode.

But runs hotter? THAT is something to worry about, not only because of Xbox's poor hardware track record, but also because the system is going to be always on, always running (unless you want a 60 second boot up prior to every game session).

Possible hardware failures? We'll see.

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Agreed. The last 3 years of the 360's lifecycle had months and months of "gaps" between worthwhile titles, especially after MS shifted focus toward Kinect. Hopefully Microsoft realizes that it was their behavior in the first 4 years - not the last 3 years - that allowed the 360 to become such a popular console.

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Interesting stat tracking. Looks like PS4 is leading the pack by a sizeable margin. The two most anticipated games are coincidentally going to have "definitive" versions on the PS4. Twice as many people want to own the PS4 compared to the Xbox One.

And mind you, this is IGN, primarily focused on North America (not or IGN.aus). It will be interesting to see how these sorts of polls are in Europe, Japan, etc.

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I've noticed just the opposite.

Known sites praising the PS4.

Smaller sites churning out endless "15 things broken on the PS4" articles.

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A better response would be to stop caring about review scores so much.

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So pumped to jump into this again. Played the main campaign on PS3, but I decided to wait for the Vita version before I explored all of the mountains of extra stuff.

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Oh yeah. So many excellent indie games available and coming soon. Currently rocking out Spelunky. Waiting for Hotline Miami 2.

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With the advent of cheap games and cheap consoles (Wii), I think there's definitely a market for a straightforward, inexpensive console platform. Sony needs to bring this to the West but they need to advertise it properly (Vita TV? No. Change the name, please).

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Yo dawg, I herd you like Xbox One, so I put...

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Yep. Vita keeps chugging along. I get so much playtime out of the thing. Currently waiting for Vita versions of Terraria and Minecraft.

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You need to read more closely. I said that 3D Mario doesn't help a platform succeed. The market reacts differently to 2D sidescrolling Mario and 3D Mario. 2D Mario sells the systems. 3D Mario sells to existing owners of the system.

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Seems like they like the system, but the media functions are only worth it if you're willing to set up your entire living room EXACTLY how Microsoft wants it. Xbox One's "hub" is far less flexible than Microsoft first led people to believe.

Kotaku's verdict:

"Do You Need an Xbox One?

Not Yet"

(direct quote)

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Goodness, the FUD and desperation is going full-steam it seems. All these no-name sites coming out of the woodwork to tell us how "horrible" the PS4 launch was.

Where are the "10 fantastic things about the PS4 launch" articles? Huh? I thought N4G was full of Sony fanboys, right? At least, that's what I see certain N4G users claiming on a daily basis...

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When has a 3D Mario ever made a Nintendo platform succeed?

Think about it.

Super Mario 64 sold, sure, but the N64 lost a ton of the fans who bought an SNES and NES. Super Mario Sunshine on Gamecube did nothing to keep that console from getting last place. The port of Super Mario 64 on DS did nothing to jumpstart sales (it wasn't until Brain Age, Nintendogs, and NSMB that the DS took off). Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 sold millions less than NSMB Wii. The mo...

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This article isn't talking about playstation?

The opening line is "The PS4 isn't the enterainment hub that we were expecting" But the Xbox One is, apparently. How is that not talking about Playstation?

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Nope. 8 GBs of the PS4's RAM would cost at least $150 off the shelf. The processor, another $150, the mobo, another 100, $50 for the hard drive, $50 for the case...$50 for wires and a cheap power supply.

And even then, you'd still be left with a very mediocre PC.

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"Ballmer defends Bing and Xbox"

Is that why he was asked to leave?

Keep in mind, he's done with the company. He's made his fortune. Now he simply wants to preserve his reputation and his legacy. Bing and Xbox were the two biggest projects on his watch (including a bunch of smaller, failed projects) and he doesn't want to go down in history as the man who brought financial ruin to Microsoft.

The clock is ticking for the ...

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