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*rolls eyes*

And Mary Shelley was a privileged white woman. Throw out Frankenstein, too.

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I'm not sure this person has played most of these arcade games when they refer to Virtual On as a "racing game".

To look at it, Cyber Troopers appeared to be a run-of-the-mill racing game, but it couldn’t have been any more different. A cult favourite in Japan, Virtual On: Cyber Troopers is a classic that’s much more Gundam than Grand Prix.

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Talk about FUD! It was just announced and we already have the "concern trolling" out in full force.

Thanks for protecting me in my safe bubble, Forbes! I'll make sure to avoid the disappointment of reading your website in the future.

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Journalists have been outright stupid on this issue.

Curation that prevents broken games is a completely different sort of curation than the sort journalists were clamoring for (censorship of content and subject-matter irrespective of the game's quality).

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Curation for political and ideological reasons (which is why all these journalists are up in arms) is a COMPLETELY SEPARATE issue from curation as a form quality-control.

You can allow panty-sniffing games on your platform while also removing games that are straight-up broken or violate explicit laws, which is the stance Valve has taken. "Broken" games can be reported via Steam's internal systems and required no change to their rules.


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The notion that "the wrong people care" about the conflict of interest is irrelevant. Is the critique valid or not? It is, as the author admits. That's the only piece that truly matters. The attack against certain GamerGaters was a deflection to avoid the heart of the issues: game journalists are deeply intertwined with the corporations they're supposed to be reporting on. This is a fact. The author admits it, too.

Trying to play it off as "yeah, we h...

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Nah, the content policy is pro-consumer and pro-developer and pro-publisher. The only people it offends are the roving bands of ideologues who insist on being offended no matter what.

Wasn't it just a week ago that these same journalists were defending Valve's decision to remove HunnyPop games "because they have a right to; they're a private business"?

Huh. Where's that logic now? I thought Valve was a private business...

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This is an exceptional boardgame, one of the best out there, so I'm glad to see it getting a digital adaptation.

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It's my most-played genre by hours, and one of my highest-owned genre in terms of how many of them fill my collection. Diving deeply into shmups is the best way to play them. It's a hard genre to enjoy "casually" but extremely addictive when you delve into their more nuanced mechanics.

Favorites include DDP: DaiOuJou, Thunderforce 4, Ghost Blade HD, ESPGaluda, Caladrius Blaze, Layer Section, Salamander, Darius Gaiden, Battle Garegga, and DDP: Resurrection....

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No, single-player modes are a crutch to solve a problem that has plagued fighting games since the very start: how can you replicate the back-and-forth mind games of a 2p match? I agree that single-player content is important (see: Street Fighter V's release) but it's still just a crutch. Ideally, developers would either invest in better online play and better online community features, or they'd invest into the tournament scene.

Moreso than any other genre, figh...

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If SEGA made a lean gaming console based on RINGEDGE/Nu arcade hardware with a focus on porting those games over, I'd be interested.

As it stands though, they're already bringing most of that stuff to PS4, so what would be the point?

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VERY eager to get this one. I love MHW but I was saddened that they trimmed out a lot of the depth and customization from Generations, especially in terms of Hunter Arts/Styles. Now true MH fans can simply play both the "old" and "new" flavor of MH!

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This is a great list that I'm sure we can all agree with, but there's a console that belongs on the list more than any of these: SEGA Saturn. Something every system on their list (NES, N64, PS1, Genesis, Dreamcast, Atari 2600, and SNES) has in common is that the games have been ported, sold in compilations, and added in digital form on Virtual Console, PSN, etc.Now, I'm not arguing that these are bad systems to collect for (personally, I'm a big fan of NES, Genesis, and SNES) ...

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This is one of my all-time favorite adventure games. The pace is sluggish at times and you often have to push the story forward in a linear way, but MAN that story...

Plus Kyle Hyde had such great expressions. The art style was so good.

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Yeah, Switch is the start of the gen next gen. I thought this was commonly known?

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While Phil "teases" and "promises" and "talks about possibilities", PS4 and Switch owners are just playing the games. Even if X1 got a few Japanese exclusives, it is so far behind the curve compared to the competition, especially PS4. If you enjoy Japanese games, you get a PS4.

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Likely "expanding" to other platforms and console systems next gen. Just watch. Investing into the cloud makes it easier to stream/emulate their games on other systems.

Buy a subscription to Xbox Live and Game Pass and play Microsoft's exclusives on numerous platforms, including Sony's and Nintendo's.

Watch it happen.

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Great list.
I'd also add responsiveness vs. resolution/graphics.

This has much to do with the changeover from CRT to thin panels, and geez I do NOT miss the extreme weight of those tube TVs. But because of the technology (almost no input or scaling lag) gaming felt a lot more responsive. PC gamers have always cherished high frame rate and response, but for some reason the switch to HD made console gamers forget.

Even fancy converters like the...

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Yeah! It especially made magazines a better purchase. Sometimes I would buy issues off the rack just because of the demo disc inside.

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Wondering if they would bring over Ringedge, Ringwide, and Ringedge 2 titles to the console. There are a number of fighting games and arcade-only games that have only seen limited release in the West (like Chaos Code or the upcoming Border Break). I believe the latest versions of Under Night: In-Birth and Guilty Gear Xrd also run on Ringedge (maybe Ringedge 2).

I'd buy it if it meant we could get ports of these games. More shmups too, please. Gimme dat arcade experience...

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