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Consoles and 4k in the same sentence is a joke. Just like 1080p was a joke back in the last gen. Console makers always over promise and dont deliver.

I was personally enjoying 1600x1200 gaming on PC back in the mid 2000's. When Sony was launching the PS3 they made all sort of ridiculous claims about 1080p / 60 fps CAPABLE(what they didnt tell you capable when the game looked like ps2 game).

They were showing hope for 1080p gaming back when PS3 was lau...

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why not just get a pc if options is all u want lol.

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Its ok he probably enjoys the 23fps cinematic effect present on just about every console game :p

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i own a UP2715K monitor. Picked it up cheap over ebay for 800usd.

Titan x pascal sli liquid cooled to 2 ghz. Games run silky smooth at 5k :p

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Cheaper and superior.

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Lol console gamers still not assured if all games in 1080 60fps. Its such an old standard PC gamers have been enjoying since the last decade. Personally i am now gaming at 5k 60fps.

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Well consoles themselves are now locked down Mini ITX PCs just branded and controlled by MS & Sony. In truth there is no need for anyone to pay up to these middle men. Just get a PC superior and cheaper gaming. Console gaming is just out dated and expensive.

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In translation console gamers now need to upgrade their consoles every 2 years.

Wasnt this the reason people preferred to game on consoles, so that they didnt have to upgrade for 5 odd years. Well looks like PC gaming one ups Console gaming again.

While you may need to buy a whole new 400usd console every 2 years. You could probably get a 200usd GPU on the PC every 2 years and still be ahead of the consoles as you dont need to change the entire PC lol. ...

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Lol you are deluded if you think PS4.5 will be able to handle 4k resolutions. Not at any triple AAA game level anyways.

4k Requires 4x the horse power you need at 1080p. Hence even if PS4 was to double its power you would only end up getting 60fps on 1080p which it can currently only do 30fps for most games.

For 4k you would need a PS4 thats atleast 4 times as powerful as the current one and even then you would be lucky to hit 30fps.

I person...

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Its a silly mentality that tech must standstill for 7 - 10 years.

I bought a Porsche Carrera in 2014. The newer models come equipped with a turbo. Should i be butt hurt about my car not having a turbo? Hell no it still performs just the way it should. Sure the newer model will perform better but that doesnt mean i will stop enjoying my current car.

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Consoles are dead any way. The formula you speak of died with the PS2, Xbox 1.

The new consoles are just PCs locked down and labelled MS and Sony, nothing more. Through the last decade Consoles have become more and more PC like if you look at it.

I dont see the problem if someone wants to stick to a Sony or MS platform IE doesnt want to go PC and still wants to enjoy higher resolutions better frame rate. Why should they have to be limi...

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Still man waiting for PS4 to load up is painful, The dinosaur 5.4k rpm laptop hard drives are just too slow. I am like literally looking at a black white screen for 30+ secs when fighting PS4 gamers, VS other PC players there is no wait time.

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Not at all Sony would be doing the industry a favor by letting it progress. In fact they should be releasing a updated console every 2-3 years. This would allow people wanting better performance to upgrade. Why should everyone be forced to 1080p 25fps when they dont need to be. You have the resources then upgrade.

Now you could tell me thats for PC gaming, yes it is. However some people just prefer to game on console and having that sort of option would be a good thing.

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I am all for Sony releasing a more powerful PS4 as holding a gen back for 10 years is ridiculous and counter productive. Imo Sony and MS both need to release new consoles with BC every 2 years. People wanting to upgrade should have a choice.

Having said that, dont kid yourself there will be no PS4 with 4k capability. You need a real GPU for those sort of resolutions, APUs just wont cut it.

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Well problem is it hinders the PC gaming experience. No 1 mods. Not to mention PS4s poor performance.

Take SF5 cross play for instance. I notice when i am playing against other PC players i notice our games load alot faster. When against PS4 gamers, i am sitting there looking at a black white screen for like 30secs waiting for the PS4 gamer to load up to the level. Its a painful experience for PC gamers who are used to no load times. So yea please keep it optional if you must...

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Well translated..

The patch is massive (could be due to many reasons not just graphics).

How far it improves graphics they are not commenting.

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Not surprised. I made a forecast at launch of these consoles. Sooner or later as graphics fidelity goes up both the consoles will be forced to run between 720p to 900p of course when i made the forecast consoles fans bashed me.

Yet here we are 3 years into this gen with console gamers still limited to 720-1080p gaming blurry AA, lower res textures, Lack of AF, dips down to 20's.

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Its ok ill be playing the game on PC @ 5k. Sad how console gamers are still limited to piddly resolutions between 720p - 1080p in 2016 lol.

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Heard about the lack of SLI/CF support. Had no clue about no support for Mods etc. This is just another disaster waiting to happen.

MS needs to understand PC users =/= console users. 2 different crowds. The open nature of the PC is one of the reason people game on PCs. Taking that away isnt a good strategy.

Hell many of us play at resolutions beyond 1080p, like 4k or even 5k. Not having Multi GPU support at those resolution just means we cant game, not with c...

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This isnt Microsofts first attempt at the windows Store.

They started of by trying to charge for going online on PC. How they could even think they would get away with it is beyond me.

I think they will fail again. A handful of Xbox exclusives means nothing. PC gamers will still buy the bulk of their games on Steam and other outlets. MS approach will fail again.

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