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what's wrong with Destiny? It won't give me a goddamn Ballerhorn, THAT'S what's wrong

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Who sings the Song of Your Butt?

Loved it, looking forward to the next one

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I just wish I could play the PS3 games I already own on my PS4 via PS Now. I know that takes infrastructure that costs money, so I'd even be willing to pay a small fee. but still, man.... the pricing is crazy

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all of them

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No mention of frame rate usually means it was not noticeable. I'd say that's a good thing. When a game just makes you want to play and you don't notice the technical things like framerate and resolution, that's the definition of immersion.

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This was the previously announced maintenance, right?

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All 50 of them could have been from Fallout 3.

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Great that they are thinking ahead, but how about thinking more about getting the game properly out the door. Multiplayer is not rocket science, and there is no excuse for a game to be this broken at launch.

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The clear answer is that both of their mothers love them very much.

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But is it the savior we deserve?

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The precious...

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Need to move to Japan, stat

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Every legendary engram I've gotten has been anything BUT a legendary. Only legendaries I've gotten have been from rare engrams or bought with marks.

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Everything is better with a couch

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So much destiny... so little else

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his FF soundtracks are some of my favorite game soundtracks of all time. <3

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I think there are RPGS in the STYLE of JRPGs and there are true JRPGs. some JRPGs are just way too Japanese for me. I wholeheartedly agree with you there.

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Thanks! I'm planning on it. Keep an eye out for more.

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But still no Minecraft for PS4 :(

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As long as it wasn't pay-to-win type micro-transactions, who gives a crap if there are micro-transactions? Nobody is forcing you to buy them. But if you want to spend $5 to make your Guardian look like a Power Ranger? Go for it. If it means Bungie can afford to continue making more FREE content, I'm all for other people to subsidize that!

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