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this site and what you can is ruled by Ps3 fanboys, and by the way i have the game and a PS3 so just shut the fuck up since you know nothing. This site is a big Sony circle jerk, it's ok to rip other systems or games but sya Gt5 has framerate issues and does notlook like the bullshots is a FAct and i loose a bubble cause the fanboys on here can't handle the truth like I dais ban me forever never coming back Fuck You HD games go beat off on your little toy, Look at all the curisng even...

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what is sad is blind devotion to an electronics company. Raztad you don't have any idea what you are tlaking about. everything I said has been echoed by the critics. Your just to pathetic to realize your little game is not that great as to all the shit you guys have been talking. Nothing is violent in my post, of course if I met someone like you in person that could change as you are an obvious spineless little worm.

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" I can people laughing because it's not getting the 10's Sony Fanboys expected, but seriously 8 is not a flop."


So much shit talking forza sucks, looks better than crysis
Pc couldn't run it. PS3 fanboys to blame they talk too much.

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hitting a mesh plastic fence with your car and it bounces off is great physics LOL

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running crysis at top wack as you call it is tough. I run a quad core qx6000 @ 3.4 ghz, 4 gb ram evga 680sli Mobo, XFI soundcard, and 260 gtx runs it fine and these parts except maybe the card are 4 years old (it was a replacement for fried 8800gtx) free by the way. Stil though you can't honestly believe those two games are even comparable. Dmarc you an obvious fanboy but many people have said the same comments I have made about your precious GT5, The track looks bland and the sense of sp...

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My Pc was expensive but I have not upgraged a part in 4 years, and Pc's do a hell of a lot more than playing games. Let's not forget the most people bought their PS3 for 600 with one controller. I am not the one that makes these stupid comparisons, it's you PS3 fanboys. Yeah you have 1 game in 1080p at 60 FPS, and it still does not look that great, any criticsm on the Ps3 or its games is met with a crazy bakclash on here it's retarted. If gt5 gets a mediocre review the review...

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those may be from the game but not in game, Playing it right now track has no detail neither does the backgorunds, Crysis shits on GT5 like no body's business as far as graphics go LOL. The PS3 fanboy so dellusional. Gt5 should look good ther is not much going on a track and cars woohoo. Try playing the game does not look anything like that at all. Jaggies everywhere. Stop trying to compare your console to a Pc it's not even close.

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what IGN says or other reviews. It will be the best racer out and it has a course editor, which is awesome, and I usually don't by many racing games but will get this, great graphics tons of modes to play, online racing, 1000 cars, sounds like a game with a lot of content and that is worth my money. I'm sure it will get nit picked for load times and the install but if the game looks great and is fun that is enough for me.

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you've obviously never played real golf if you think swinging move is even remotely close to actually swinging a real club or hitting a golf ball. Love to play you on the course.

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4 hour exclusive no multi LOL

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"Even the Alpha Code of Killzone 3 have less Glitches and Bugs than Black Ops retail version, how is that even possible?" My frined has BO for PC, it's trash runs like shit he feels ripped off. Glad I did not spend $60 on it. And Pc gamers can't sell their games

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the auto aim noob call of duty no HD platform

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"it's optimized like shit because Rockstar are lazy and incompetent devs"

I run it on a old quad core 2.66 with 260 gtx and 4gb
ram a 4 year old machine at 1440 x 900 and it look great

47 FPS avg
water very high
reflection very high
textures high
shadows medium
night shadows medium
Antistropic filtering x4
definiton on
vehicle density 51 (consoles in 21)


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1080P COD to 1000 x 638 at 30 FPS with screen tearing is a huge difference. Look at Mafia 2, bioshock, BFBC2, GTA4, any COD, resident evil all much better on PC. Hell BF on the consoles does not even look like the same game. Not to mention you guys have no RTS or MMO's, Oh and Diablo 3 is not coming to consoles to the people above LOL. with the exception of UC2 alomst every game of the year is a multiplat that is on PC also in HD. Console gamers need auto aim to play shooters that is a jo...

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games on that list are even worth buying. You act like all the PS3 exclusives are all good, when in reality only a few are. infamous, LBP, wipeout lol who cares about those games. Most multipltas are on Pc and much much better. Resistence, killzone are garbage way better shooters than those. And Pc games don't like little kiddie cartoon platformers.The PS3 had nothing for like 2 years, Pc always has good games. No WOW, old republic , first 2 crysis, the witcher, diablo 3, starcraft 2, do...

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"KZ3 beta has been acclaimed to be one of the best in gaming history" LOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Go read the offical KZ forums why don't you, Game is getting tons of negative feedback. WOW too funny the tards on this site. Oh and how is Crysis 2 multi generic you have the game?

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KZ has no variety, most generic over hyped POS FPS ever. Iv'e played the beta it's nothing special, and fatold man is right but the PS3 little bitches won't admit it. This thread is about brink why must the PS3 fantards bring KZ into every FPS discussion.

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gets horribly raped by Crysis a 3 year old game. Why are so many console tards in this thread. Go play your exclusives at 30fps and maybe 720 P lol.

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