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Sorry bro, but just because you can google something doesn't make it true. You can goole "Halo ps3" but that doesn't mean that Halo is on the ps3. You also just posted mock ups of fan made cover art. It's not hard to take the cover art of the original MGS and place common PC logos that you find on PC games cover art. Anyone with GIMP or Photoshop can do this no problem. I'm pretty sure that every search you find with " MGS Pc" is probably is in some forum. ...

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Dirty Beaver, You're exactly right. I posted a link to Konami's official website for Metal Gear Solid: Rising, and there is not mentioning of a PC version. People have always speculated a PC release about every MGS game released.

Look for yourselves if you think he's lying. There has never been a MGS release for PC.

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Uhh white Noise, there was a study release that over 80% of people who own a ps3 have them connected to a HDTV.

Besides, like i mentioned before Kojima has never released a Metal Gear Solid game for the PC platform and I doubt he will now. People just assumed because it was on the 360 that it was coming to ...

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how many people actually believed this title was coming to the pc. I highly doubt a pc version is in the works given that Konami doesn't have it on it's website.

CVG will do anything to discredit anyone who paints ps3 in a positive light. They were first one to claim that Killzone3 had only 5hrs of SP campaign. I've been gaming for awhile and I&#...

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I'd agree but they're quoting these NPD official numbers here, not their made up ones. Neogaf is reporting the same numbers. But you're correct about ignoring Vgchartz articles. Completely ignore the EU numbers because there is no firm that can accurately account for the different currencies and governments.

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number that was provided. All systems saw an increase in sales for the month of February.

Xbox360:535k +27%
Wii:454k +14%
Ps3:450k +25% (based on NPD Feb. 2010 numbers) not official

Sony held their own given their price tag. Microsoft proves for the 2nd time in a row that it's king of American gaming market. Japan's numbers show that the ps3 outsold xbox360 by 88k units.


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Maybe I should have stated my position before making those remarks. I understand that Sony is just keeping their system safe. What I'm referring to was even before the ps3 was hacked. Remember when ps3 gamers were up in arms because we wanted "In-game" Voice chat? I, personally would like to be able to create and add my own Dynamic theme. Sony is all about "Create, Play, Share", so allow us to make our own dynamic themes.

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O.T: Does it feels like those days of getting awesome features "I.E. dynamice themes, Divx VOD, Wallpapers, text chat", have been dwindled to nothing more than security updates and features we care little about.

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Well although this may be a duplicate, it was my first time seeing it. It was a pretty decent comparison. With the PC being the better version, I must say that console do not look that far off. It's actually pretty impressive given that 360's gpu is at least 5 years old.

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I'm talking about you degrading a game that you clearly don't own. Extremegamerage posted a video clearly disproving your claims about this game using smoke and mirrors. From your comment history, it's clear that you only own a 360. So my question is why are you in a ps3 exclusive article, commenting on a game that isn't on your system of choice?

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Yeah bro, It's just common knowledge that if you own a ps3, then MLB: The Show is the most logical move. Why comment on a game you aren't interested in buying? Either way, ps3 owners have the advantage simply because they can "choose" which game to buy.

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People seem to forget that you can completely customize your online character.

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Yeah Gametrailers rated MLB 10 The Show higher than MLB 2k10 last year.

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It's actually kind of hard to avoid the articles that keep getting posted even though it supposed to be banned. Besides you keep getting people who approved these articles. 3DS did pretty good in it's launch week for japan.

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sorry, but you're actually wrong on one point. Platinum Games handled only the 360 version for Bayonetta. SEGA ported the ps3 version of Bayonetta. When it comes to Vanquish, Platinum Games did both versions in-house. That is why you see such a big difference between the two titles.

On topic: From what I've seen it runs pretty stable to me. I'll reserve my judgment for when the demo is released.

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Sorry I can't take this article seriously simply because it's best source is VGChartz. This site is not recognized by Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony.

They're anti-Sony to the extreme. The took the same article Joystiq broke news on and ran with it. The article about Sony's Q2 slide mistake. Joystiq has updated and corrected the mishap immediately, yet VG247 remained blind to the fact.

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Yeah I'd have to say Battlefield has some very nice lighting. These are two completely different art styles though. One is mordern military shooter and the other is scifi shooter.

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I wonder where are those framerate dips that IGN reported. Looks to be running pretty solid to me.

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I personally wouldn't be so quick to judge a game based off of IGN's opinion. From what I've seen, this article is in direct contradiction of the videos they posted. If there were any real framerate issues, it would have been apparent in the videos. Don't act like this is a million people saying it runs bad on ps3, it's just one. I say reserved your judgment for after you play the multiplayer demo next week.

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VGChartz is a load of @#%! bro. There is a reason why there isn't any official numbers for EU. EU has way too many different currencies and governments. I highly doubt a site by (Former Neogaf member) has the ability to calculate EU sales. As far a America goes, I'd believe NPD since it's actually recognized by all big 3. MediaCreate officially does Japan's numbers.

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