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Hold up. They killed off Nintendo Power to keep ONM??

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Cool, thanks.

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Doesn't mention when and it also doesn't show it to be true on Battlelog.

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Very sad. I wish the community had more understanding.

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I've got ADHD and ADD. I've got stacks and stacks of Triple A games I don't finish just because they lose appeal.

But how I have over 350 hours in BF3 multiplayer...? Go figure.

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Joke's on you, N4G.

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My game won't update. I think we need a patch fo yo patch, dawg...
Edit: Nevermind, did "Repair Game" option in Origin. Patch dling now.

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Weak. There was a reason GT5 didn't use the Eye more than they did. They noticed it was worthless and a distraction from the sim. The whole walking around a car thing was done back in Project Gotham 2.

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I was able to update my other ps3 to the current firmware days ago. *big shrug*

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Shut it, hampster.

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I'm pretty damn (99.9%) sure the old saying is referring to your significant other as being a safe bet compared to the other, crazy piece of ass in question.

Not a "grass is greener.." or any other sense of the phrase... doesn't quite work.

But then again I have herpyderpies & r alonez.

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The PSN being down has been the best thing to happen to me gaming wise in at least 5 years. Now I'm playing catch up to 5 + years of neglected singleplayer gaming.

That being said, it's all "absence makes the fart grow stronger" me thinks.

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All I heard was verbal diarrhea. Get somebody to do the videos that doesn't have downs. :D

If you spent as much time into the actual presentation of your (janky) news as you did the overcompensated intro it might not have inspired me to write about this aneurysm inducing video.

Yours truly, Sargent Derpaderp

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Saying your not trying to get hits for falsified information is pretty ignorant. You know you did it for the hits, ya whore.

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You guys haven't been through a Gran Turismo release before, have you? Don't expect it this year until it's in your Playstation. I'm not saying it wouldn't be nice, but they are more than notorious for pushing back. They are perfectionists and won't settle for less.

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