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there are many benefits of this mode

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dude I love this mode; it's precursor to get my gf involved and then lead to other things :D duh

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you sure you thought this through youngling?
i mean, if you guys steal for your psps, your xboxes, and whatever eventually the people (developers, artists, writers, etc) who make a living off this popular culture will move away from it ...

and if they stay, the prices will become so stupendous that the people willing to pay for games wouldn't even bother anymore ... how is this good?

now once prices get so high, companies will probably make a bigg...

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"Best" kinda has a point
the cat's out the bag
but I'm sure sony will figure out something sly

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riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ight

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you know i read the post earlier that it would happen ... so I was expecting to see this around Friday but God damn people! LOL

I really wonder how Sony will handle this; given the way things went rampant crazy with psp ... ah well it was bound to happen I guess.

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damn fc2 was doodoo on a stick
regret purchasing that pile of donkey poo

fire spreading grass my @$$$ ... pffft

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... even from the demo I was happy to see that they kept the fear levels high and ammo low; all this ads to this games intense gameplay; anything less would be ...

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actually there are people doing that for Sony already, they are not publicly known to the masses as opposed to the net popularity of geohot but its sad, soon games won't mean much

as for the article, I see the writers point; the hack scene is always a pissing contest and about bragging rights and the psp is a classic example of what could go wrong when things get out of hand

more so with 2011 being an epic year for Sony, in terms ...

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just doesn't make sense for me right now; my lcd is practically a few months old; so I may miss 3D gaming altogether so I'm guessing by the time I'm ready I'll put my money in whatever new tv technology is out at that time; it's a painful waiting game

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when those 3D non-glasses type sets go down below 1000$ I'll "think" about upgrading my HD LCD ... just too expensive for me right now but nice to see games supporting it.

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damn cyclone moves on hagar
couldn't capcom come up with somethinge ... its like fracking Zangie all over again :p

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lol @ "dead terrorist" image above


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O_o didn't even know about a dlc; good thing I didn't sell it yet :D

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great tears of blood - i must buy this; oh wait I own it already :p

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don't confuse the sun with the moon

we don't mean that there were no people, just lack there of from previous titles in the series and the game itself, and the path you take (@Kee), is somewhat ... lonely.

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ahh SE has a lot of work to win back rpg fans ... and this time, not just in the East but in the West to.

As for XIII, it had solid gameplay (battle system was great but it could have been deeper). The story seemed like a pre-cursor of things to come and yes, there weren't enough people and towns but you can blame that on the plot (abandoned planet and all).

So perhaps the story writers are really to blame? Never the less, I hope they continue the path ...

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you know. I really want to know how took that pic of balmer lol. it's so funny and also the first thing to pop up on google image searches

but yea on topic - does it really matter about the count? for example, I have 12 accounts.

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Visari had more oompf but yea, can't wait

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yea it's cool and all that figured out most of the security architecture but it's all talk and simple programs now. at the same time, these things are precursors to the inevitable (even it may take a longer time)

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