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I enjoyed the last ??*)*(#*$ in the .... more. But yea, this game was great and a good way to end this duo-logy.

there were some choice sequences that will be talked about through the year ...

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yea it's dope .. love the lighting up top by Wesker ... nice piece

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sony is going to screw themselves in sales with this

there's too much brand confusion going about

psp phone
and now you want pspGo

Sony, how about you just put out one device that does it all ... this is nuts ... and on top of it all, each go for more than 300$ ... man ... f dat

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blacks was .. meh okay ... don't really care much what they do next now

mw 1 was a blessing and think Sade said it best

ever other game just too much hype and just too much in general to live up to ... lolz .. as the mp issue .. really guys ... who cares .. time to throw this flopping fish back in the water and let it be

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never buy a game on looks a lone but dang, SE sure has style ... how about throwing some substance into your games again Square?

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so going to get this/even if i have to import it :D

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if that's real then I can platinum 10 games in 10 days :/

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good points on this article and i agree on the whole breaking the "monotony" bit. This game may put some fun back into fps's on consoles again but it's quirky-uniqueness gives this strong rent appeal.

I'm guess that's because we've been so serious about fps over the last few years, we probably forgot how to just bug out in them. this is a like a platform for "buggin' out".

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yea - really looks the part
just has to meet a ton of other expectations ... but here's to a better FF game this year.

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as if I give a rats butt hole what some random teenager thinks but I see your point; thanks and bubbles 4u


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sadly I will be knee deep in Killzone 3 around release, maybe if I can platinum that game quick I'll pick this up ... but definetly will look into it later.

omfg the yelling in this game is stupid ... lolz :p

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great game; challenge 6 is a pain in da posterior!

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I can't say ds set any standards writer; I mean don't get me wrong, I played that game till I was black and blue and enjoyed getting all trophies for it ... but I believe that it took everything all those other games did and push the envelope forward.

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lol magicbox still kicking butt over this site and you still can't post comments on there.

I mean Evil Ryu and that new ONI character from SSFIVA anyways :p Sometimes its good not giving people the ability to comment

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meant to say r2 ... so many damn fps these days it's getting stupid ... and honestly does it really matter? there's bound to be an fps out there for us all ... it seems like it's the only games western developers cash in on these days

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i thought ff xiii taught us that size doesn't matter lol

anyways, let's just hope it's not a whole lotta fluff .. I'm looking forward to this game and would be disappointed if it sucks (greatly).

... and no; size /= time spent playing

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lol @ writer when you say

" And 64 players is an absolute must. Anything less would greatly disappoint fans of the series "

please speak for yourself ... larger maps and larger battles tend to make things boring or just down right chaotic (Resistance 3 anyone).

I partly disagree with item 5; re-spawn on leader only - that's silly. the fact that you can spawn on anyone alleviates whatever stress the game dishes out on you (and th...

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what about the levels on the stupidity of Bush ... it's unfair I say! LOLz

this is stupid ... there are a lot of ignorant people out there.

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obviously ReadDead you didn't play the demo (know it was hard to get into)

but all I can tell you that it's just a better game in the control department but still "feels" like kz2 and works like kz2

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blow me side ways baby, kz3 should be fun :D

i love the cqb setting for this map ... looks like this one will be frantic on a full user session! :D

YaY for mindless grenades!! :p

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