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Random Button! Haha, Get it! :p

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Sentinel ultra Combo

standing H
crouching H

rinse wash repeat till desired to ...

sp popup - air combo M,H,F+SP tag to other guy M,M,H,F+SP tag to last guy M,M,H,SP+Super of desired choice (might I recommend spiderman for air supers, it's impossible to miss with him)

ground bounce super with desired character if an air super doesn't fit your fancies ... then call sentinel back

... see start of...

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damn it I want to disagree with the article .. hey N4G how about you add that feature?

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I got lucky and got an early copy of the game; visually this game is a beast
but I feel let down on the character list and certain gameplay elements (especially online lobbies).

I couldn't give this game a 9/10, more like a 7.5 and maybe an 8. A 9 is too generous.

Capcom knows what we want from an online lobby system, and yet they fail to deliver and take 4 steps backwards. In some ways the online lobby reminded me a little of Naruto Ultimate Ni...

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LOL @ image

If only I could take this and put it up in Chinatown Fair downtown lol :p

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... and that's what it's all about.

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two different companies, different servers, different goals and mentality towards long term support for online play.

but yea, I think it would hurt the producers of series more to not give fans a little more play before release of the new game ...

at the same time it is not un-common for a game company who provides servers for MP to shut them down after a while

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i'm starting to think these article have less relevance with my gaming life than before; they should put a new ban on them.

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that's a bit of an exaggeration don't you think :/? the open beta doesn't even show you the mech and other stages like the closed beta ... but yes, either closed or open, both beta show that game has the potential to be a better game than kz2

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LMFAO at that image .. lol

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Kz2 platinum is a good one to have just because of that but yea, doing that 1% trophy was a pain in the posterior.


I'll take that bet ... lol lets see who gets it first.

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oh my god i needed to laugh that was funny

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at least he's a talented jerk :D

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daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn that's insane
ahh to be young again and not have to go to school
or work ... lol don't hate man

but yea, these numbers are bonkers ... and the Open beta is not even like the Closed beta; at least in the closed beta you had two maps but this is the same map, over and over and over and over and over and over and ...

but I guess it's a testament to just how good MP will be in KZ3 :D

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everyone, sadly, is entitled to their opinion on anything, at anytime

whether you choose to take heed from these people is up to you

the reviews have a place in gaming but it's not the only element that we should look to when putting our 60 beans towards a game

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wow, I have to admit, Sony is really putting up a fight with this ... impressive.

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not a lot of users have 3D TV, it would just come off as a gloat but I agree the 3D implementation is well done.

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i'm sorry but


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I disagree Treyarch.
Flower has no bugs lol and if it does we don't know about it.

point is, yes, games have em but I'm starting to think that these are just included in the game because, well, treyarch/whoever is aware that gamers love exploiting them.

If they owned up to that then I could see this point of bug-filled games.

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