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but you will get a 6 I'm sure and the guys who have the 5 will say they are not getting the six and the cycle continues as apple continues to pound us hard

hey I still have a 3G ... holding out for a sweet spot is rough :D

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:/ ... hmmmm

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you know i lived in tokyo for a month and I still don't get some of their ads ... but they are always super quick and short like this ... :/

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besides that ... that level with the rain looks amazing; there's always so much going on in kz - I know that's going to be distracting for some gamers :)

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flame war material at its finest :p

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I'm okay with the current size matches but these are good add-ons ... wonder why they didn't just put them back in there in the first place?

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some people just suck at kz's play style ... ah well (at least given how recently the game came out) he just wasted his money ... shit you can trade that sucker for something else if it pained you so much ... what a waste.

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all the more reason it's pointless

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looking forward to this - will have to dust off this one, haven't played it since I cleard it a few months back

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yea I hate MVC3 Ranked Online Lobbies; it reminds me more of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2's lobby system; another piece of doodoo online lobby for a fighting game.

capcom took 4 steps back with this one; they were going down the right path with Super Street Fighter IV; ranked lobbies should be more like the Player Lobbies; it's pointless to have to keep searching for people like that and get forced to go back out into the main menu ...

I spend more ...

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ye a man that part when she confronts him in his bed was f'ing classic ... lol

stage 3 was nuts ... I kept dying on that step part ... it can get hella tough ... I can't wait to open up Babel - looks mind bending.

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i'm enjoying the game and the story but I'm not sure how well this will translate in the west. jaapense culture pay close attention to these things and the personal reaction of the charcters are very japanese (not that thats bad).

the puzzle and gameplay are addictive (especially if you like puzzle games) and overall presentation is great but personally i'm usure how gamers will take it over here ...

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lol there is no way this game deserves 90/100 .. more like 70/100.

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... looks at wolverine
... looks at Doom's Hidden Missiles
... looks at cards humping in the lobby *cringes*

how this game is getting high scores defies logic; I'd give this game a 7/10 easily (and that's all for the visual and speed)


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i'd buy the sequel - enjoyed the first for what it was trying to do ... perhaps the lack of focus on guns push those fps freaks away? then again I don't think the game was meant for them to begin with.

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i'll sell my copy for 40 bucks

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cracking the george forman grill was this generation of games holy grail for these guys; it was something to do I guess; thinking about how it affects people wasn't part of their equation I'm sure (or not)

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lol well said

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i'll give it a chance; friends are picking it up so I'll see what's good and if it's worth my 60$ ..oh wait I'm getting killzone :P

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cool listing ... didn't know about some of these

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