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i stand corrected on MS putting out a handheld ...

see here:

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lol as usual; it looks dope

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even if ms put out a gaming handheld, it still wouldn't catch up (paid network servicex2 would suck big time)

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why you ask? let me dig up an old image

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NUFF SAID, following pulled from article:

"A funny part of this has been the people saying, “Sony and all the developers did this to themselves. The games are too expensive and they were just taunting us by adding an OS function to begin with.” These same people probably blame Ford for making shiny trucks… “I can’t help but steal them, it’s their own fault.”

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interesting ... I'm guessing with the fees that M$ charges it's users for XBLA, those fees must trickle back to business partners like Capcom that cover the cost of making things like that available to XBLA users -

I guess it's kind of the cost of having psn free (to an extent). Sony doesn't have the extra cost to pay for things like that.

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lol ... this is about money? Anyway, Sony doesn't want to cover a distribution cost that microsoft covers (aka Big Poppa M$ or Deep Pockets)?

hmmm ... sounds like normal business decision making to me. You either decide to stomach paying for someones' lunch or you don't. Sony told Capcom to take it deep - classic. :D

Yet, I digress, shouldn't these costumes be free updates anyway? :/ It's not like they change game play or anything - it...

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have to admit, I was really worried when the devs first said that they would make it easier but after the demo, and these screens, it's looking like they'll deliver something closer to home but with improvements

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what else can I say ... wow
I thought you could type in that game?

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so you seriously don't think that it hurts devs that their games get pirated?

I understand that not all console owners will pirate software but at the same time my point is that it's a debilitating thing to see your efforts made free when you aim is to make a buck. That can make any man/woman rethink his approach on that goal.

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i just want this version to have better controls; I always found tr games somewhat clunky

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kinda like the action rpg bits

but yea

it's not a pure ff game in that sense
not sure why some gamers havent' gotten the picture since FF XII

anywho, it's kinda like that Vagrant Story battle system as well but I liked what they did with FFXIII, all they have to do is deepen the upgrade system in that game, add more moves damn it; I want my characters to feel INSANELY GOD LIKE (and more).

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you make a good point

"sony doesn't make all the games we play" .. if you don't give devs incentives to make games (and that's money) then game development will also drop

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this is a wow moment indeed


but there are programmers on both side of the battle; they will try to patch this.

[email protected]iPad hack (1 day)

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ff13 battle system was dope
lonely fields though

story could have been a little better but it seemed obvious that things were missing

ff13 Versus better be a God send because SE will loose more fans

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kind of agree not sure how the flame wars will turn out now

both games have my interest though

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that bill makes my college debt look like a joke; good luck with that guy

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the 9.5 score didn't bother me but this article mentions that the game is lengthy;

that's interesting because the first game was "lengthy" as well ... not sure what the writer meant by that ... is it more than or equal to?

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the dialog is so corny in this game that it actually works :p

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