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another one looking for online fame ... lame.
how about hacking the worlds problems guy?

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why is it that everything this guy says is news worthy? soon N4G will post titles that read -

"cliffy b, taking a dump, thinking about a new IP"

really guys ... :/

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actually LG should be going after Pioneer to (they worked with with big S on the development of blu ray in the early part of the last decade.

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the recreations are awesome renditions; if popcap gets mad they need to get over themselves

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LOL @ LG ... dont' they think they are just hurting their own image in all this

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damn they really not playing with this

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okay, this is getting ridiculous

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a us release was announced but since region 1 only works on us/jp ps3's then you'll have to wait it out and see

I mean most of the menus are in english anyways so it shouldn't be too hard to port to english speaking countries on the whoel

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this must be

"i'm a game director, time to let my feelings known week"

wtf first cliffy running his stupid mouth about a glow stick now this ... really guys, he's Japanese? Who's to say the person who posted this here, didn't do so not understand the context of the interview/comment made by Kojima ... fed up of this stupid articles on here.

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that survey was painfully one sided
it's like they are looking for validation for the portable games ... :/

anyways whatevs, Konomai knows they have to do another game

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oh yea? cool
stuck on stage 8 currently on normal
decided to beat the game on easy instead :p
forget hard ... don't even bother if you have it

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lol that's one crazy glitch ... maybe they deleted a few pixels off the ledge when they bumped up the resolution (lol not possible just saying) .. . still that's one hell of an update :D

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the only thing i hope is that dice and company don't let this new found additional popularity get to their heads ... and then we go down the same path again

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Review? Already ... sheesh people.

*@guy below thanks; it does indeed


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would really like a sequel to mirrors edge ...

i terms of a battle experience, I still think killzone does this the best; there's always so much going on in that game ...

i'm looking forward to see what they do things in bfbc3 though

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all great things missing from the MP

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nice was a nice sunday evening coffee read
some of this was not new but I liked how the writer organized this
now if only your website was designed as well as your article :D

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I can of agree .. the yearly updates is insanity and unfair ... but the thing is they make a ton of money everytime they change the phone; the problem may well be people who just like having the latest tech and wouldn't be caught dead with with an older device ...

I actually held my IPod Gen 3 ( http://www.batteriesformp.c... for 4 years ... people thought I was crazy .. I wa...

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dont' think the device was every meant for hard core gamers to begin with ... they hit a market that don't touch systems that we do ... you know like your boss, and older people who don't mind playing something on their phone while on the train/commuting ... they don't expect them to go trophy/achievement hunting ... the device would be fine for them; for us ... not so much.

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