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To the surprise of no one but Xbox fanboys that live the Spencers dreams.

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Basically Initiative lost most key members, many went to Insomniac & other Sony Studios (if you don't believe see Linkdin), game was having massive problems and then they threw the game away and now Crystal Dynamics is in charge.


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Nobody cares if you think it's worth or not.

People want a Ps5 and hundreds of millions will buy regardless.

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Big Week for Ps5, I guess haters need to understand those words in depth because it's gonna be a long ass generation of full domination 🐐

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Day 1? I already bought it.

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It's a full blown DLC, blood & whine was also 20 euros, here is 20€ + 10€ to upgrade to Ps5.

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Thankfully this has been put under the Rumor section.

These numbers might be totally wrong coming actual FY results.

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Wait for official stuff.

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Dev Kits usually have more Ram & most likely faster.

GPU most likely also has more CUs & probably even higher clock.

CPU should be the exact same but with higher clock too.

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There it is, RE VIII is gonna be 2nd best seller on the franchise.

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I wonder why people have to come into the internet stating their opinions "I prefer Ps5 over Series X" or "I prefer Series X over Ps5".

Is your life that bad? Are you such a loser that you've to write a full article stating a opinion nobody cares about?

Dude get real, wake up for life, it's OK to prefer Xbox, it's OK to have opinions but we don't fucking care, imagine that every journalist writes one of those each singl...

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Xbox is irrelevant lol

I remember 360 kicking ass back in the day.

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How deep are MS pockets to keep devs on their system? Xbox owners don´t buy games, MS keeps filling pubs pockets with GamePass deals.

I wonder how many time and money Satya is willing to throw into a major problem for the division.

Things are not looking good and disagree all you want but if Xbox owners aren´t buying games, many pubs will abandon ship.

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Now Sony needs to launch killer Japanese Software like Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter & some new jrpgs!

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Demon's Souls sure looks insane but if you think that's next gen wait until mid gen games arrive.

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We got leaks on Era, they are 3rd place very far from the first.

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Heavy Maths & calculations, also NPD & MC.

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Jimbo can't get away with this!

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