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Worse. It's such a fall from the grace of ME1,2 and 3 that it's hard to contemplate.

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So you are blaming PS4 and PS3 users for not buy an XBOX one to play an XBOX one exclusive?

Keep in mind, that Microsoft and Insomniac entered into an exclusive agreement because a) they thought that it would appeal to the projected XBOX One demographic and b) it would compile current (at the time) XBOX 360 and other console owners to purchase the XBOX One.

I won't begin to explain how many variables that you whitewashed.


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They already have: PS4K.

Regardless of you console disposition, Sony and Microsoft knew about Nintendo's NX specs long before we did.

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All smiles. Good stuff.

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You can have this internet award for achieving excellence where others find challenges... If only you drop the word "newb" from your vocabulary.

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Crazy Kaz is all about Christ. Hes just a traditionalist.

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Well that's just not nice thrice!

On topic:
I'm waiting for Destiny and Division to give me something else to do outside of shooting things. Division has a ways to go (a lot of gap to fill). However if Destiny can introduce some gambling ..like poker.. They gosh darnit! I just might jump back in.

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The VC remaster from Sega is on the way. Looking forward to your adjusted evaluation.

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And that's called winning.

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I enjoyed that more than I thought I would.

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It's the software included in the bundle that is not counted as part of NDA. The consoles are absolutely folded in.

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Very true. It's ok to speak to the virtues of the Wii U without attempting to rewrite history and contort facts.

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Listen man, I have been gaming just as long as you and I loved FFVIII as well; However, please reframe from selecting an article that specifically focus on the enthusiasm and excitement of gamers and the proceed to isolate and ridicule them.

Happiness and joy comes out in many different ways.

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Not Sony fans. Just gamers. Stop playing the console card.

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Yeah. Number 2 had me laughing as well. Truth be told,.. I was yelling at home as well.

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Wrong forum.

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Death! Now that's a straw man!

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Just received an error.
I guess this flash deal is kicking some butt! Now I feel bad that I came back to N4G to post a comment. I should have checked out with my purchases when I had a chance. :(

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Please enjoy Ni No Kuni!
I had so much fun and have so much love for that game! :)

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The dog is all about pacing and timing.
It would also be extremely helpful for you to bring some one in with you.
What level are you?

and good luck man!

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