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That's irrelevant, no issue is being taken with the asking its being taken with them not answering. I highly doubt Sony or any other console maker for that matter bases their decisions on moaning and groaning articles like this.

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Why would it? PSVR2 is a hardware solution, hardware never solves a software issue but I get it we needed another negative Sony article regarding their VR announcement. smh

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You can keep your NFTs

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You and me both but it probably won't because some people think it makes them cool and trendy to spend money on this nonsense.

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Its also fair to give them a reasonable time to answer it when they're ready to answer it, PSVR2 was literally just announced.

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I'll have to remember that next time a company says "we're not ready to discuss that right now". blackblades is right give them some time PSVR2 was literally just announced. Also its far from being "simple" as its guaranteed if they say no the hate mob will go ballistic.

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"It was removed due to piracy."

That's an even more valid reason to remove it then

"Again though, my comment is correct - most people didn’t buy a PS3 for otherOS just like most people don’t buy an Xbox for dev mode"

I get that you feel the need to be correct but that literally has ZERO to do with why I replied to your comment and ZERO to do with your original comment I replead to as that was not part of what you...

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That doesn't prevent a new game from being made by a new Sony in house studio if they own the IP.

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"Reading comprehension is hard, huh?"

No I comprehend just fine, you definitely seem to struggle commenting without the rude insults though but you continue to get away with it so I understand why you do it..

Here I go again having to quote someones own comment apparently,

THIS is what you said, "Don’t do a Sony with Other OS…"

Its clear that was a slight at Sony for removing the feature. Then you ...

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"95+% of console gamers probably don’t even know how to setup dev mode, FTP client and server, and retroarch."

95+% didn't use other OS either so there was nothing wrong with Sony, "doing a Sony" after all.

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Yeah you say that but watch whenever it does come out it will sell millions upon millions of copies and be the fastest selling game of all time.

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Maybe not everyone knew therefore its helpful information for those that didn't. Either way its great to hear so many studios are working on first party games for Playstation and considering the pedigree of many of them we are guaranteed to get some truly amazing games. Naughty Dog, Guerilla, Insomniac, Santa Monica, Sucker Punch, Polyphony, etc. It's truly a spoil of riches for Playstation gamers with games being made by the best game developers in the world.

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Is anything Sony does ever good enough?

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You said and I can't believe I have to quote this but.............."playsta tion $70"

Not all full priced games are $70 for PS5 you'd know this had you ever bought any.

You didn't state an opinion you made a misinformed assumption in an attempt to incite a fanbase over the seventy dollar price point like xbox fans have been doing from the very start of this generation, that is trolling period.

I'm not gonna pla...

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I read your other comments and you're still wrong as two separate service isn't a "central place".

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