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All award shows are pre-planned.

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You just described all award shows including the game awards.

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The game awards are boring as hell. People only watch it for the game announcements. At least with the Oscars and Grammys you can see performances from relevant artists. Also, the golden globes are just an excuse for actors to get drunk and receive awards.

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If you're looking for performance no console can make PC irrelevant. I have a feeling the ps5 and new Xbox will still have sub 60fps and sub 30fps games because devs will just focus on graphics again.

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And with games like animal crossing and Mario kart 9 coming Nintendo will be fine.

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With Google's history stadia will most likely be shutdown after a year

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No one I know that hunts owns one of those guns because it's pretty hard to eat a deer that's pumped full of bullets.

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You do realize the US has always had socialism? How do you think we have our infrastructure? Ya know like running water, electricity, roads, Bridges, etc. Medicare and public schools are also socialist.

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Cars aren't designed to kill so that's not a good comparison. And that "a good fit with a gun" argument is bs

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Trump has been spewing white supremacist talking points since before he was elected. Starting with the racist bother movement, calling Hispanics criminals and rapists, the Muslim ban, saying " their are good people in both sides", concentration camps at the borders and more. You're delusional if you think the Trump administration has no blame in this. Many of the shooters are using Trump's retoric in their manifestos.

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Don't try to place blame on a single party when it comes to for profit prisons. Corrupt politicians on both sides of the isle take money from the prison lobby.

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A large majority of the domestic terror attacks in America have been committed by white supremacists and we have a president who promotes white supremecy points of view.

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Politicians are bringing up this old bullshit argument so they can avoid actually doing their jobs by creating legislation that will make access to guns more difficult and giving citizens access to healthcare they need to battle mental illness. For them that NRA and health insurance industry money is worth more than the lives of Americans.

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And in NY if you get caught with a unregistered gun you're going to have a lot of problems.

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When it comes to guns we have an ease of access problem combined with mental health issues and the rise of right wing white supremecy.

There were warning signs with the Dayton shooter and he still had access to guns. He was expelled from school for having a list of people he wanted to kill and girls he wanted to rape.

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Yep. Basically it's cheaper to use the new chipset.

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They're most likely using a newer chipset that's cheaper to produce than the one in the original switch. People will still choose the Lite over this one because of the price and durability. Also, there are a lot of portable only Nintendo fans that the Lite targets.

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Exactly. And if you're not sure which is which just ask one of the workers which switch is the one that can be docked

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Or they could buy an original switch instead of buying the one that can't be docked. It's pretty easy to avoid that problem.

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