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“But if other developers struggle with what they have to work with now, how will next gen help?“

Having significantly more powerful hardware to work with will allow them to achieve Native 4K and much higher stable frame rates much easier.

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The Initiative and Playground Games will end up being Microsoft’s flagship studios.

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Agreed. Here’s a 20 minute look at this dumpster fire if anyone’s interested. The game is full of bugs, glitches, and performance issues.

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So nearing 150gb game now?

50gb game
50gb day 1 patch
48gb additional patch

This is insane.

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“If Red Dead Redemption 2 is a PS4 and Xbox One milestone, do we really need next-gen consoles?“

It’s one game from a massively large and very talented developer. Other developers struggle more to make great looking and performing games. So yes we need next gen consoles. Period.

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“It's a pretty common practice that you can't return new items once they've been opened. Like that's not just a gamestop thing.”

Except you’re wrong. You can return open items at the three big retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy.

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“Honestly can you explain how it's trash? Not returning new items once they are open is a practice that is in place pretty much everywhere.“

Can’t speak for games but If I open a console I can return it for a refund at Walmart, Amazon, or Best Buy within a short time period.

GameStop you can’t get a refund at all once opened. Same goes for accessories such as controllers.

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“That's why you don't buy games day one“

You think some magic update will this this game? This is Bethesda we’re talking about here.

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Bethesda shouldn’t have released this garbage game and the guy shouldn’t have destroyed the store. Both are at fault here.

Although I must say GameStop’s return policy is trash.

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“Why couldn't he return it though? Thats the real issue.”

GameStop have the worst return policy ever. You can’t return anything once opened. Has to be brand new sealed in the box. It’s a joke.

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I don’t know why someone disagreed with you. I recently bought two new PS4 Pro’s and both had a 20% discount code in the box.

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Yea it’s dead alright.

PS4 hands down.

Top rated exclusives > extra pixels

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The same one that has God of War on it.

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I’ll say it again: ‘Fallout 76’ needs a new engine.

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I wouldn’t play this game if it were free.

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“Its laughable you diehards all defend this decision.”

What’s even more funny is how diehard Xbox fans are so worried about Sony canceling their E3 show.

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PS4 is the best gaming console. It’s all about the games and PS4 delivers!

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“his commitment that from now on the Xbox will always be the most powerful console on the market”

Yet somehow PS4 exclusives look better on a weaker console. Believe it or not it’s the games themselves that matter most.

That’s why Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Guerrilla Games, and Kojima Productions will have put out the some of the best looking games of the generation on a much less powerful console.

A powe...

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16/100? Sounds about right. This game looks like garbage. Bethesda should be ashamed!

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It’s only trolling if it’s not what you like to hear.

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