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I bought R&C for $40 off Facebook marketplace after seeing how short it was. Amazing game, gave it a 9/10. But $70 is a no from me lol. Also that extra $10 for the digital deluxe is a rip-off because you can earn most of the content by playing the game. Only the armor that serves no purpose stat wise has to be bought.

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Mark Cerny said when they built their I/O system it was to compensate for 8-10 Zen 2 CPUs. From what I read about the Series X. Theirs is for 4 Zen 2 CPU cores. Sony literally went all in on this thing being fast.

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Lol Atlus cannot decide shit lol. This is Sega's decision. Ask Sega

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They have been doing that survey for a long time now.

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Bayonetta 1 and Metal Gear Rising only selling 1 million across over 100 million consoles is really bad and had Nintendo never bought and exclusivity deal for Bayonetta then the game would have never existed. Nier did sell exceptional well, but then you also have to look at the mess that was Scalebound. Thee money doesn't flow so easy for them despite making quality games.

As far as what the purpose of the Kickstarter was for, I really can't say.

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Recent leaks? Lol except devs keep saying the PS5 is still more powerful. Recent leaks also suggest the PS5 doesn't have raytracing which Sony themselves confirmed that it did.

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Lol not much and that upsets me.

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But Pokemon has a standard that gamefreak themselves have set. This is whack fam.

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It's sitting at 81 on metacritic its getting more 85 to low 80s

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Yeah but when the switch lite starts having that isssue...... Yeah, that's gonna be a whole big issue on it's own.

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Uub lol. Krillin number 2

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Lmao the switch hardly has any 1080p games. And the next Tegra isn't 4k level either. So Nintendo needs to drop the whole mobile chip thing.

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But the power gap is alreadly like that now.

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Microsoft was hot trash lol

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Outside of Nintendo none else was really needed. This e3 was horrible.

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MS had a trash E3. Literally no gameplay and no heavy hitters. Outside of Nintendo. This E3 proved that you don't need E3 to be a hit.

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Gaming knowledge and tech knowledge are two entirely different things.

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The sources are from within Xbox though. So there's no way they'd know whta thr PS5 is doing.

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Wasn't shadow the hedgehog suppose to be a playable character according to datamines?

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They didn't really make up any gods. Kratos is the only original one.

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