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Everytime Sony just engineers the best machine. Mark cerny is the man at Sony and I bet he gets what he wants in the box. Microsoft screams from every skyscraper they can get onto and Sony just does what they do. Provide games and entertainment.

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I was just stating the fact that Microsoft still hasn't addressed the psvr yet so why would they address this. Also those 5 million suckers bought the most popular although one of the weakest VR headsets. You can't argue with that like you can't argue with the current situation of the most popular console of the past few gens. Sony are the hardware guys that make great games and Microsoft are the software guys that make great programs.

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Sounds lke you have some bias too. My bias is for good games, not controller features or a play anywhere approach. I play on my couch with my TV. So none of that matters. The game pass strategy does not work for me because it's all subpar games in my opinion. I'd prefer to play subpar VR games rather than just subpar games.

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Microsoft still hasn't addressed the psvr yet either. The thing is Xbox doesn't care about anything but their subscription services and that's it. It works for them though because they also have windows.

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I've tried to buy a ps5 easily over 50 times from websites as soon as it goes live and usually it's sold out in like 20 seconds.

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So another game that the ps5 edges out "the most bestest powerful amazing console ever produced in the universe and all the multiverses ever" that has no games.

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Dragons dogma is literally the sleeper hit no one knows exists from a couple gens ago and it really deserves more praise. Skyrim was weak compared to the combat and difficulty of that game but it gets all the hype.

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"Wait till e3"

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Sony did say they will work on most games to bring them over to the ps5 but it takes time. I'm sure they worked on the more popular games first.

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It's always about the next year with Microsoft. Wait till next E3. How did that work out this year without an E3?

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I thought good guy Phil was making all games able to be native 4k/60 no matter what. Actually I thought the Xbox one with the cloud was going to do it or was that the one x? Lmao all smoke and mirrors.

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Days gone was amazing on ps4. It seriously surprised me when I played through it and I would go back easily.

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If you don't have money to afford next gen, then stay on current gen. Don't ruin all the next gen games with an inferior console dragging all games into the dirt. I expect that either all games will be down scaled, or a ton of games will skip Xbox.

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@angelic look at last gen shadow of mordor example. They cut out features and had less nemesis randomization due to it being on last gen specs. There are tons of cases of this stuff. And yes, all games will have to be made compatible with the lowest common denominator first, and then upscaled. I'm not talking about resolution and fps, you can make games at 16k 500 fps if you wanted, but it would have bad visuals.

Edit* that's also why the pro can't do 4k right, ...

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I complain because it will hold all games back. Why don't they create games for ps3 as well as ps5 then if all that will change is "resolution?" you idiots.

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@AngeliclceDiamond I didn't mention resolution. I meant about everything. AI won't be as smart, ram is a huge difference, less enemies will be allowed on the screen, the open world will be less populated. Tons of stuff will be sacrificed to make it available on a weaker console as well as resolution drops.

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Looking forward to their next release.

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People don't understand its only going to cripple all next gen games that are multiplat. Some studios I'm wiling to be will skip Xbox just to make a game on ps5 and not deal with a 4 Teraflop machine.

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@Sonyslave3 but Xbox is a different division. That's why the shareholders for the entire generation were pissed and we kept hearing leaks of them stopping funding on certain things. Just because Microsoft makes money, it doesn't mean they want to keep around something that is slowly dying and just bleeding cash. A quick comparison is when Sony sold off their laptop company. They did it because it was just losing money for years, same as Microsoft before gamepass which might not be mak...

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It was obvious they were always scumbags. Look at how they "port" games to playstation consoles. It's like 3 devs spending an afternoon porting a game over that they developed on the Xbox for the past 5 years.

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