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This remake needs a remake...

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I'm not buying the avengers and apparently I won't be buying this too... Effing gaas crap

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Holy crap this show was utter trash, how can Microsoft fail time and time again? At least it's all on game pass I guess

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After a certain age all I have to say is PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! It's your own fault for being an effing moron spending money like that

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Yeah they have, most of them want Neil Druckman fired and some are/were trying to make it happen, not only that but all of them wanted the game to fail hard!
If making videos praying for the game to fail, that would destroy people's lives and careers, and screaming to everyone that Neil must be fired (for being an SJW) is not trying to "cancel" then, maybe, I dunno what it is...
Look, I don't really care much about it all, but I hate hypocrites.

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It can be a bit in your face sometimes imo, but even the Lev bit was done fast and sorta smooth.
What I hate is all the lies, I still read on some YouTube comments people saying Abby is a dude ffs... The spoilers were, for the most part, put out there out of context and some were plain wrong. But whatever floats people's boat I guess

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I dislike SJW crap as much as the next guy but this is getting out of hand.
Loved the game didn't like some of the pacing of the story. I would have told the story a different way but it's not my story to tell.
Anyway, thing that really bothers me though is that most of these "youtubers" are against the "cancel culture" but are the first ones trying to cancel everything they dislike.. I effing hate hypocrites.

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Sony has just released Dreams, one of 3 Game Of The Year contenders they've coming out in 2020, and all of you people are focusing on a new console because that's all MS has going for them. Sony must focus on games because that's what GAMING is all about. The PS5 can wait

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3 no

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I'm the same even on GT I only play the VR mode

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The Legacy of Kain games would be amazing!

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I beat Zelda while taking a sh1t! It was my toilet game for a few days..
It's not a hard game at all
The worst part of it is all the walking, basic shrines and garbage combat.
I actually got all the memories too.

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Put it on psvr and it's a day one buy

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I hope so, at my age I want all gaming to be great!

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The show was bad! No way around it!
Btw how do you x1x buyers feel about no new Halo for you??!! At least ps4 gamers wilm get to play last of us 2 and all the other end of generation games.

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Utter disappointment! They had the stage for themselves and they still messed it up! Trash

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Xbox is having their worst generation yet and people still hyping the their next console... I just don't get it.

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I would never recomend the Vita nowadays. It's basically a dead console in the west.
What I meant is that I bought way more games for the Vita in the first year than I did for the Switch.

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This year I bought Bayonetta end Donkey Kong... That's 2 games in a year... That makes 5 in total...
Will buy Smash later on used because it's not my type of fighter, still a fun party game.
For reference, I have over 50 games and experiences just on PSVR alone... And over 50 games for my Vita.
Lost count on the PS4, way too many to begin to list.
I like my Switch but I'll never recomend it to anyone as a only console, or even as a second conso...

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