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There completely different lol

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You play on easy?

It’s supposed to stupid and not be taken seriously. That’s the charm

Why are you endlessly hating this game. Like above it’s too anime for you? It’s photo realistic. It’s stylish, it’s funny.

Also human and devil hunter difficulties are for noobs. You’ll probably have none of your complaints on higher difficulties while also trying to score s ranks. Cause you got to be stylish. And being stylish on those harder modes...

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The games designed that way for a reason. While us vets already know the combos. This progressions of abilities gets boobies comfortable with their arsenal and then deliberately seek out new moves which of course they will want to try out.

Also dmc 5 Nero no question plays better then dmc 4. So it’s probably your nostalgia. I played 4 to death. Beat Dante must day mode. Nero was super easy to win in 4, now Nero has a lot more style a lot less press o to win

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But he speeds up the game. He literally forces you to speed run.

Unless your so scared your waiting in safe rooms which you don’t need to do at all...

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Name me a single game with better combat then dmc 5. Heck I can’t even name many games with better combat with one character let alone the 3 fleshed out ones we got

Also dmc isn’t about story. It doesn’t take itself seriously and is cheesy. Plus the story is very good for fans and I’m sure better than most fans expected

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Resident evil 2 just launched a month ago which is a masterpiece. Dmc 5 probably will be the same.

So still lots of quality games out there.

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Yeah sure it has those hours. But it garbage. Would rather play unique and exciting 10 hour game. Then a 1000 hour game where I’m just repeating the same thing over and over and over just to get the next shiny so I’m strong enough to do the next thing to get the next shiny

All those game aren’t that good

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One of the biggest complaints about Anthem is the world isn’t interesting... yet you say that as a strength

Also it isn’t content that’s the issue. People are fine with 20-30 hour games. The issue is the content is repetitive garbage

So they’d need to scrap the entire game and start making the game more interesting with better level design, better abilities, better ai, and tons even dozens of unique mission structures.

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Even though all the missions are repetitious and the same mission. That doesn’t make the game not fun for you?

You could have a trillion cool abilities, if the mission structure is ass the game is still ass

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No one is praising them for that.

Switch is not underpowered sense it’s portable

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Dktf is also the best platformer of all time.

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We’ll I spent 10 minutes playing, 20 minutes changing my pants.

Needless to say it was a “shitty” experience

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You do know Pokémon is old enough where everyone into it as a kid is now an adult with a job. I bet you there is far more adults then kids that enjoy Pokémon.

Especially sense most kids I know are into cod and fortnight

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While some people are ignorant of it.

I actually don’t care about my online privacy it doesn’t effect my much.

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Publishers are disgusting with how they fug numbers. Oh we are struggling we need dlc and loot boxes.

FIFA fucking sold 30 million. Even res7 which I only thought sold 5 sold well over 5 on ps4 alone. Game sales are crazy high it just goes to show we don’t need bad monetization to find these games

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@theknoghtsofknights yes ps4 is not selling 40 million more after ps5 launches. You got to take into account DVD players were still massively popular. The ps2 was the cheapest DVD on the market and it played games. It was a no brainer for anyone in into buying a DVD.

Look at the PS3 for example it didn’t even sell 5 million more once the ps4 launched.

I expect the ps4 to hit 100 million but not much more. That’s based on the fact I think the ps5 is releas...

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It means ps5

There was a leaked that leaked that Sony was going to announce cancellation on this day. He also said it was to make a reveal in mid 2019 and then a giant psx 2019

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Because it’s ridiculous no one thinks like this. This is a joke to get attention

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You do know Bethesda makes more then just elder scrolls and fallout right?

Bethesda released amazing titles last year such as prey, Wolfenstein 2, evil within and dishonoured dlc. All of which were heavily graphic and non glitchy games. Games that are all hella fun too

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At least half the population can’t understand satire it seems

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