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I'm replying late. So, I apologize.

However, I don't think it will split the user base, as the user base is already split thanks to this peripheral existing. It can just be an optional control scheme.

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I'm still biding my time. I would really rather have one with the second analog stick built in, instead of that obnoxious addon. So ... I'll wait. But, the 3DS is pretty tempting, but I'm literally the worst at keeping myself & the 3DS in the correct 3D angle.

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I hope they do make a sequel. If they just fixed certain flaws and created a compelling story, I would be on board.

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Nothing is perfect. They can have major issues with a game, but find the rest of it so enjoyable, that it can be their GOTY.

I would have like for the flaws to be mentioned more in the review, sure, but it might not have even changed the score. The authors are two different people with two different opinions.

All in all, reviews and opinion pieces need to be taken with a grain of salt. Trusting some guy on the internet completely whether or not you pick up a ...

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"Need I remind you of in game pre-order bonuses that are later charged to you if you don't get them. Content that should already be in the game. Think about it."

How is that GameStop's fault? That's the pubs/devs doing that. Blame them for that part, at least.

GameStop is great for convenience. I personally won't touch PayPal with a 10 foot pole, so ebay is a hassle. GameStop has some okay trade in deals. If I ever have the need t...

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There's the potential for it to have a rough start. Long time fans might be turned off by the focus being only on multiplayer, and it is following a very very very strong holiday season. I personally won't be needing any new games for a little while ..

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Do you also get a discount on your car insurance?


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But that was while it was in development. No one expects polish and perfection during that. They have a lot of leeway, and get graded on ideas. AMY was filled with good ideas, it can't be said otherwise. It definitely wasn't realized, though.

Once you release it and expect money for a product, then it needs to be fully functioning and fun.

Someone mentioned above it's like essays in school. For first drafts, you get graded on what you're sayin...

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Let's get real here. The reviewer DID think it was unplayable. He didn't finish the game because he HATED everything about it and could find no redeeming qualities.

The combat is broken, the rendering has clear issues, the voice acting is horrendous, he cared nothing for the characters, the "oh i can clearly fit through here but only the little girl can go and not i" shit is ANNOYING and makes me hate games if they tell me things have to be a certain way bec...

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Yes, it's sad that they released such a horrible game.

However, why didn't they playtest their own damn game? If it's broken to THIS degree, be upfront and push the release back. Meeting deadlines is super, but if it means you will have no sales and your reputation will literally ruined, then you have to take the better choice and push it back until you get things at least functional and preferably fun.

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Well it's XBLA right? So it will most definitely have a demo.

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Just because they're indie and have a cool concept, does NOT mean they get a free pass for making a broken game, no matter what you'd like to believe.

Also, game reviewers are usually FORGIVING. Especially IGN, they usually go from 5-10, a 2 is VERY rare in this day and age.

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It depends on the game. You can release DLC if you want to genuinely extend the life of the game and I won't think less of you - like Fallout 3, that game was huge to begin with, and the DLC added a bunch, but it was purely optional.

With MW3, the DLC is hardly optional. If you don't have the maps that people in that lobby want, you'll get kicked out. It's almost required if you want to game uninterrupted online. I'd say even their past amounts of DLC is ...

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This is truly disappointing, in all honesty. The lack of options and the full dialog really portray a skewed view on women.

Not cool.

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....I agree with the first part of your statement, but DISAGREE COMPLETELY with the rape nonsense, and naming woman sluts at all, really.

A rapist will rape regardless. Just because a woman is sexually active -- OH BOY 3 TIMES A MONTH in this particular case -- does NOT mean she'll give it up to whoever wants it.

Rapists don't get to blame it on a "lack of sluts," or anything else for that matter. It is no one's fault but their own disgu...

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Fortunately, no. I scooped it up on Black Friday. But, if there wasn't a sale, then I would have bought it anyways, tbh. There are certain games that have so much content and replayability that they are worth a lot.

It's worth the $60. Well worth it, tbh. But, I'm not going to spend $60 when I have a legit way of buying it new for cheap. I also got Skyrim for $40. Doesn't mean it's not worth $60, just means I'm a suuuuuper pro shopper of awesomeness. ...

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Not even once. I'm super cautious with stuff like that. I don't even use my email for XBL anywhere else ever, and I definitely have neverrrrrr entered anything in for free M$ points, or .. free anything. Ever.

I'm still at a loss why my account was taken over by someone else, but at the end of the day, I wasn't even really inconvenienced too badly, so I'm definitely glad I got a good customer service rep who made the process super easy.

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Rayman has a shitload of content and things to do, and it's really replayable with buddies. Also, it's stunningly beautiful. I don't understand how it isn't worth the full price.

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Find sales. I haven't spent $60 on a new game in ... a long while now. Also, I find that video games fall in price quickly anyways, except for games like the Modern Warfares that keep their high price point indefinitely, but even MW3 was on sale for $40 at Best Buy like two weeks ago. I still didn't buy it because I'd never shell out the money for the inevitable DLC and then I'd just get booted from all the lobbies ........ but my point still stands. Find sales, and be happy. ...

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Someone "hacked" my account, and M$ was nothing but awesome to me. They caught the second charge made and automatically refunded it, and the 25 day investigation was completed without issue and the money was refunded. The woman I talked to was super nice, and they suspended and locked down my account so no one could access it at all during the investigation. I also received two free XBL Gold month cards from them.

Their customer service was really better than I exp...

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