Let the games begin


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I worry for the success of this type of game. However, I do hope it becomes something great for NT.

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I guess only farmers get hooked up when the president's trade wars f them over.

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I wanna see what Microsoft will do if this becomes a reality.

But hey since Trump wanted to blame video games on school shootings, maybe we can look at this as a way of him fighting that issue as well. If they can't afford to buy the consoles then they can't go crazy and kill random people.

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I can't justify keeping away from this game anymore. I have to experience it for myself.

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"More information about Sony’s strategy for game streaming will come at the Corporate Strategy Meeting on May 21."

Curious to see where they plan to take the service.

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This really makes me question buying games on Xbox with the way that gamepass has been on a roll lately. Patience truly is a virtue.

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While I'm not feeling the art style of this game at the moment I do agree that people should just accept it. However I gotta disagree with your reasoning behind its usage because it's a comic book hero type game. Marvel's Spiderman comes to mind in that regard.

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I'm not just a playstation gamer, many things changed for the better on the Xbox side, for the consumer, because the competition was doing so well. Why would I not want that to happen for the playstation side as well?

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I just want it to be closer than this generation.

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I think instead of trying to minimize the importance of exclusives on the chart by talking numbers, we should be talking about what exclusives are on there. It seems to tell more of how the importance of these games have shifted over the years for gamers with one company in one direction and for gamers with the other company in another. Basically what I'm saying is we talking 2018 games vs 2015.

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Is nba2k not popular on Xbox? Also this looks to explain why destiny 2 was on ps plus back in September.

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Solid month. I never played Dante's Inferno.

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I think it's crazy that on the flip side it runs at 864p on the S. You are either going to have the best or worst possible experience and it is very noticeable.

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Yea I really don't know. It's just crazy to me that I heard absolutely nothing about this issue prior to experiencing it myself. A lot of people are upset about it and are waiting for something to be done.

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I hope some company truly finds success with this concept

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So I just ran into this issue last night and have yet to see anything about it prior, but cross platform play is restricted on a child account with Xbox. I can't verify if ps4 does this as well but I just thought it odd that this has been a thing for months but not brought to any major attention with all the hype about this feature.

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I would be interested to know your settings as well, I have a ks8500.

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It's about time.

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From all the impressions I keep listening about how Rockstar is redefining the open world genre, I'm interested to see what this game will bring to the table. I truly believe they have their work cut out for them.

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I actually enjoyed the beta. A real shame they are launching such an incomplete game.

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