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Me too..I thought we were getting 60?

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Ah man...the title😂 Caught me off guard.

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And that ladies and gentlemen is the real deal!.....

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I've got the same tv TRUTH and while I know the best version is on the x, it's definitely not a slouch on the pro by any means. But back to the TV's...have you researched the QLED sammies? I'm seriously thinking of upgrading to a 65'' curved Q7C.

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you will, once you turn hdr off(if you haven't already)

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They released a system to run multiplats better...LOL. They knew that's all it would take to appease the hardcore fanboys. Microsoft: We'll push back and cancel exclusives while releasing the same ones over and over, Our fanbase doesn't buy exclusives for real any way. As long as the multiplatform games look better over here we'll have em hook, line and sinker.

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For all you xbox-only gamers out there I'd be worried about why there's no worthwhile exclusives to play on your system (because you only get one every blue moon)..instead of making a big hoopla about a multiplat that's in native 4k. I know it's a defense mechanism and it's all you guys have to fall back on though so we try to overlook it.

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Yeah they need to fix the hdr problem but calm down bro. If you have a decent 4k tv and the pro, you should be good. I was having issues with the sharpness until I turned hdr keep that off until we receive a patch.

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I think hdr is broken on the pro version. I've turned it off and the game looks much better than it did. Colors pop and the image doesn't look dull and washed out anymore.

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I got the platinum yesterday and I don't know if I've ever played a game with more action. From beginning to end it was a blast. A true masterpiece.

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Check out the digital foundry breakdown of the game between every system. They talk about how the ps4 pro version has a softer image than the xbox one x. The best version of the game is on the one x, its native 4k. If it wasn't for all my buddies getting this on the ps4 I would've opted for the xbox version. Still looks good tho...just not as sharp as I would like.

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I'm in the beta...takin a chance of losing data and all kinds of crap tho. You have the option to also show your old id along with your new one so your friends know its you.

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Happens to me alot.

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Exactly..same here, but I went ahead and bought it anyway. I don't regret it.

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Gr8 game

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The system with the best exclusives always wins. It's as simple as that.

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I've been waiting on a FOTN game like this forever! If you're a fan it's a must own.

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Man...since 2013 ita been a gr8 time to be a playstation owner.

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Now that was totally uncalled

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Thanks 4 the update😁

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