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After using the duplication glitch to get the money needed to actually be able to buy all the cars in the game, I actually don't want to restart everything

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Thats amazing

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Looks good, Forza has some real competition now

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I want to see what their board of directors and share holders look like. It probably went from gamers and passionate devs to a bunch of old greedy vile corporate suits who know nothing about gaming they just got their through buying shares when they see the $$ back when the other GTAs where making money.

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So 100 planets will have life, that's good enough for me

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Characters models and some environments looks worst but overall the gameplay looks good and that's fine by me

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Not sure how I feel about Avowed, lets see if it can scratch that Elder Scroll itch since there has been no words on ES6

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MS was so desperate to try and fill the void of exclusives before their big boy Starfield launched that they completely ruined Redfall with a throwaway release. Imagine if this was given the proper love and respect in development that other IPs got.

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Someone stole my PS3 so I can never play MGS4 ever again, I dearly hope and pray for a MGS remastered collection on PS4 or PS5 with MGS4

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Dying Light 1 was great, had its short coming but a masterpiece zombie game no doubt. Dying Light 2 on the other hand oh boy that was a major disappointment

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Closes we'll ever get to another Mercenary game is Just Cause franchise

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I remember playing Red Faction and thinking the future of gaming was set. And now looking at it, I lament having been born at all

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Instead of making these weird multiplayer modes like RE:Verse or whatever they should remake Resident Evil Outbreak and focus on a coop experience with story telling.

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I'm guessing the gameplay for DS2 will be drastically different, more actiony and less deliver sim. The first game establish the characters and the world so that's why it was the way it was but judging by the trailer they are ditching the package gameplay altogether and focus on some kind of intense gunplay heavy plot

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The easiest strat to quickly defeat enemies is to blow off one of their legs and immediately come in for a melee strike while they’re crawling towards you. I killed like 20 of those things in the cave area without breaking a sweat even on hard

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I limit my gaming budget to one game per two months, so between HZD, Dying Light 2, GT7 and Elden Rings, its a tough call

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So this pretty much confirms that he wasn't working on Silent Hill remake or sequel as the rumors would have it.

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They can make IPs but they should pass not up on future opportunities to make more remakes. If they can get their hands on great games like Dark Souls for example, I would be ecstatic

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Game had a lot of potential shame it didn't go too far. It's really good kinda like an offbeat Silent Hill but better than 80 percent of them

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This game is gonna flop, it's too cringy and the whole mary sue protagonist is huge turn off.

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