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I'm not planning on playing PS/PS2 titles on my PS3.

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Killzone 2 IS the new HOTNESS!!!

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I purchased a 60GB PS3 a few weeks after launch. It was awesome and could play PSX and PS2 games nicely. I then sold it for profit and purchased an 80GB with no BC but featured both a 45nm CPU and GPU which of course runs cooler and doesn't take up as much power as the original. Nice trade-off for me since I don't want nor plan on playing older titles. I know folks love to play the classics but I just can't go back to them. PS3's graphics have spoiled me to the extreme!!!

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I'd never purchase anything from HOME myself but I'm glad others are inclined to do so. Anything to keep Sony from charging me to game online or download the latest demos.

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Seems like it will have awesome support for clans. It'd be nice to join a clan on a console with some actual structure.

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does this mean that the game is going to run at a native 1080p res? GOW 3 in 1080p = Godly!

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The game is awesome as well. Brings back memories, but in HD!

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Your mother is OVER-priced. ZING!

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I'll have to start playing this game again. Been too busy playing Gears 2 and COD World @ War.

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It's an awesome update! Currently streaming the movie Scarface via the Netflix feature onto my 360. Say hello to my lil friend!!!

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the folks that waited in line in San Francisco. There's 7-11's everywhere in the Bay Area.....

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Instead of waiting hours in line, why not visit your local 7-11? There's a 7-11 a block away from my house and I got to pick the game up at midnight for 34.99! No lines, no hassle!

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There is no HDTV that can actually output a contrast ratio of 1000 000:1. The actual numbers are in the hundreds. Check out Cnet's reviews and you can also ask professional HDTV calibrators if you think I'm full of it.

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5 disagrees regarding how I stated that the contrast ratio is marketing bull? I guess you ignorant Sony fanboys will believe anything that Sony states. Pathetic.

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You actually think that contrast ratio number is true? It's not anywhere near that. It's called marketing my friend.

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"The black levels are NEAR-Kuro deep"
"The only taint is that when bright areas are next to dark ones, it lightens up the bars a bit, so Pioneer wins here"
"Its few weak points: Image quality fades when you look at it from an off angle, the previously mentioned blooming with high contrast images, and the dejuddering can produce some artifacts, especially with a standard-def picture. Oh, and it's $7000"

Better than the Pioneer Elite? No!

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Surprised he did not have a COD game on the list.

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Thanks man. Really appreciate it. Bubbles goes 2 u and thanks again!

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You will be a god in my eyes if you give me a code.

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I'm downloading it. DSL FTL I'm afraid. =(

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