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Lolll it just goes to show that ms has no clue when it comes to gaming! They have and always will be a cancer to the industry with their ways! Xbox fanboys should thank sony for what your getting if it wasn't for sony none of this would have happened! Kinect, Xbox, hd-DVD, rrod that is an xbox legacy! Make the right choice, ps4 you cannot go wrong!

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Remember what it meant to be a gamer back in the 80s when only geeks and nerds were into before it brought on this mainstream appeal? Suck it up girls!! It's not just you! Men were laugh at way before girls were even contemplating playing games and yet made it into the industry it is today! Its called nothing comes easy in this world.

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Microsoft... please do us all a favor and sell off the xbox division and disappear! You are not wanted here!

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People are actually getting this shit console?? Man do you have any taste at all in games?? 499 for what?? a rush broken lousy ass nickel and diming console that is only getting bluray now in 2013?? lol I dont even feel bad for you guys! No self respecting gamer would ever get an xbox!

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1 million units in 24hrs in the US. Imagine Europe and Japan?? In 10 years from now ps4 will have outsold ps2 in its lifetime Sony is back to glory! Xbox has no chance and will hopefully disappear all together! The Ps4 has too much momentum and love at this moment to even stop it!

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Nope Kinect was not a mistake. The creation of the Xbox console was! Once the new CEO gets hired he will be promptly getting rid of it and rightfully so! Gamers dont want or need a cancer in their industry!

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Sony has given gamers over 15 yrs of quality gaming!! My decision is very simple! Have never owned an xbox and never will they don't put gamers first! Sony till I die simple as that!

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Next-gen, this is not!

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Titanfail has shown nothing spectacular that warrants any hype, the gameplay is COD esque and dated, no single player, graphics are dated and I'm suppose to be impressed by it? The mechs abilities are ripped off straight from District 9 and I was bored to tears watching that first clip at E3 trust me, the only reason titanfail is getting so much hype is because xbox are so blind and it really is their last hope. I mean have you seen the console that you'll be paying 500$ for? I would ...

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Ryse has all the makings of being the next LAIR! Expect 4s, 5s for this game! Mark my words.

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10 million ps4, 0 Xbox One, yeah I can see it! I mean Xbox one already getting destroyed in graphical fidelity, wait for the big Sony exclusives to drop!

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RYSE=Lair! Expect nothing higher than 4's and 5's when this game releases. I've played enough games in my life too know when a I see a turd and this one smells rank!

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This has LAIR written all over it. I expect minimum of 4's and 5's when this thing gets reviewed. You can just tell I've played enough video games in my life to know.

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Beta tested in the future...hum so why is it the weakest console in the present? What a joke of a console.

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It shows they are extremely desperate and had no game plan to begin with! Keep it up Microsoft soon you will flat out disappear and that will be a great time for gamers!

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Not at all! I know that it will eventually disappear since it's a shit console, I just get a huge kick in pissing xbots off and love rubbing in their face the fact that they have an inferior console and inferior taste in gaming.

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A better question will be: When will gamers be cured of the cancer that is Xbox and have it disappear from the industry??

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The number 1 most important thing we know...It's a playstation console! That's all you need to know!

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Mamma always told me never to judge mentally challenged people but to help and learn to understand them!!However calling an xbot mentally challenged is an insult to mentally challenged people, since they are actually smarter than your average xbot and would tell you to get a ps4.

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Loving all my gaming brethren reunited again!! All forward towards the same enemy! XBOX! Can't wait for this soulless console to disappear!

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