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No Name Needed scares me!

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stop drinking cool aid and try the game. i guarantee if these are truthful comments you have yet to play Killzone 2. It sets the bar for FPS and action games alike. I suggest you put down the keyboard and give it a try. I loved Halo, COD, Counterstrike, you name it; because of the unique experience each has given. Killzone falls under that category and im glad they didnt try to copy Halo OR COD

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i agree and it is the lack of moderation. There needs to be super moderators in place to keep opinionated articles from 'stirring the pot'. To my understanding all this uproar is only causing increased traffic to this site, but it's also breeding hate and separation between people who share the same passion - gaming.

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Dirtylary i just came to the conclusion you are advocating against innovation. Step outside the box!

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I'm sick of opinionated articles surfacing to the top of N4G. I hope it changes soon or i'm leaving for good.

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don't change it I love this game!!!

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Blockbuster got one copy in they are holding it for me and staying open an extra 5 minutes to sell it at 12:01 :)

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as am i. my friend came over and we played the demo 3 times through. It's a blast! The suspense is built through hordes and fast moving enemies, I loved it!

As for the controls... uhh lol whut? Japanese games have ALWAYS had weird control

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personally i think thats what will make it so interesting. I find it amusing that people thought the game was too difficult, its a giant zombie horde people what do you expect!? RE5 does a great job picking up where the last one left off with improved physics and gameplay. So many people judging the game within the demo, you havent even seen the REAL monsters that await you. What about the challenging puzzles that await?! And seriously people you consider yourself 'hardcore' gamers yet contro...

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I saw in a video a long time ago the devs talking about 2 different control schemes. Did both of them make it to the final product, what are those control schemes, and what's for lunch is still undecided.

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i think people found the learning curve a bit frustrating. In my opinion that's what really kept my attention, i hate easy games. The ONLY thing that gets me with MGO is the rampant lag. Even if i get a green ping i still suffer from the occasion warp. Some is do to the animations, like the roll or the grenade. It takes a couple seconds to catch up and thats just enough time to get shot in the head!

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That is sort of the staple of the RE series. The control scheme, scarce ammo, and puzzles is what really made RE a unique experience. The older ones had a bit more of a puzzle horror feel while the newer ones seem to strive for action horror. Now i haven't played the new one yet so it's up in the air. From what i hear it has a similar feel to RE4, which doesn't really surprise me. I enjoyed 4 and have played it through multiple times. So with updated graphics and monsters i eagerly await the ...

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Riding the gravy train!

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sweet! MGO is like my CS replacement xD

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No game deserves this fate!

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I welcome the increase interest in video games. It helps push the boundaries, drives demand up, and developers can no longer turn a profit without producing a worthy game. I will have to admit these past 2 years video games have changed a lot, some things worse some better, but for the most part first party development has become the staple for norm. In the future i can see the first party devs creating the technology and 3rd party devs using it to create more robust stories and games. It's k...

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spot on. The majority of early ps3 adopters were the same people waiting in line for their copy of MGS4, i know i was!!

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What an irrelevant comment.

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I love the denial associated with this game. This entire article is filled with comments from 'gamers' who don't even understand the fundamental basis of Real Time Ray tracing and CGI. The video presented up to this date are not 'prerecorded' - that means that every polygon is drawn real time. What's so hard to understand about that? Yes it's an amazing feat, but that's why i invested in better technology. This game marks a true benchmark for programmers everywhere and the fact that they are ...

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