I'm making you waste your own time by reading this. :P


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You could do a search on here on N4G for yourself, there are only so many times people can see the same old concept designs without getting bored.

Sure you must realise you haven't posted something that's new, right?

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How many times are we going to see the same old concepts?

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That's the 64,000 dollar question. :P

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No Heavy Rain = fail list, that was a bombshell.

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'Offcourse you own it.'

Technically you don't own the games, read their TOS. It states that any game can be removed at any time.

'It isn't any different than downloading xbla games that require you to be online to be able to play them.'

Except that very few XBL games require you to be online just to be able to play them. It's a huge difference. If Onlive shuts down then ALL of the games are gone, if XBL gets shutdo...

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To be honest I had completely forgotten about Onlive since it launched, it was one of those products that everyone considered to be a game changer but was soon forgotten by the masses.

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It's probably the same with the PS3 and it's camera, I always disconnect it if I'm not using it.

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Giant Bomb indeed.

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If a 17 year old girl somehow managed to find that person attractive then he deserves an award.

In reality it would never happen, that's why shows like how to catch a predator are stupid because they wouldn't even be in that situation if it wasn't for the people setting them up.

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Forgive me but isn't this entrapment? If he wasn't provided with the chance then he wouldn't of done this.

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I'm expecting a sales article for Luxembourg next, I guess that'll be low too!

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Not really, the Vita is on track to meet Sony's targets, that's all they care about.

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I've seen a lot of odd articles comparing the Vita with the Ipad/Iphone but this just blows them all out of the water by comparison.

The title alone makes me want to break my head against the keyboard.

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Uncharted is obviously there to create contravisory between gamers, it's working too.

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Trophies too?

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"Since the day it came out"

Not quite but I agree with everything else you're saying.

Still, PC gaming will never have the level of exclusives that the consoles have.

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Dara O'Briain is very funny, I love that he loves video games. :3

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I just screamed like a little girl, a Ratchet and Clank collection is something I've wanted for the longest time now.

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'The PS Vita is a flop too, what a poor release time and bad launch lineup.'

Now I know you're trolling. Try harder next time.

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'they knew it was a bad game.'

...and yet they still went on to make a bad sequel. Will these devs ever learn!?

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