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Truth spoken

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almost identical, lol. Xbox one version looks like a xbox 360 game While PS4 version looks like a PC game on high setting. And you calls this identical. I don't even own a xbone or ps4. It is not even close. If you don't care much about graphics, it is ok. But it is another thing trying to manipulate ppl to believe your lies.

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"still have exclusives", that means it will lose a lot of exclusives. Probably one or two left.

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but it won't

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sorry, this news didn't impress me even a little. You know what is the most important aspects of gaming and xbox? GAMES!!!! They haven't proved that they have exclusive games that REALLY attract people to play!!! No matter how many their devices(tablets, mobilephones) that have xbox logo on them, they won't be successful including xboxone if there are no games. Their exclusive games are not good enough, can't be compared to Sony or Nintendo's. But I know their hardcore...

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I am not surprised, Forza, Gears, Fable, Halo, Forza, Gears, Fable, Halo, repeat and so on. Pretty focused on a few franchises huh, MS, lol. Do you think Xbox Two(if there is one) will be the same loop agaim? ZZZZzzz

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lol, add a few new cars, add some tracks, improve a little bit graphics and called it a new game, no wonder one year is enough.
And What a good strategy to reduce the cars and tracks in Forza5 and release it on 6, save enough more time and resources. xbox fans will buy it anyway. They are so loyal, lol.

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Honestly I don't know why Microsoft don't create some new fantastic franchises. Instead they develop games for mediocre ones like Gears of War, Fable and crackdown. Only reason I can think of is they don't have the talents.

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the funny thing is there arem't many xbox exclusives, let alone must have. Ryse, Dead Rising 3 all have PC versions. MCC is a remaster. lol

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Evil Within certainly is underrated probably because of the glitches?

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7m will be more likely

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she is very pretty

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xbox fans are easily satisfied with these inferior games.

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anyone who thinks Xbox 1 can do cg level graphics is stupid. High end PC with dx12 can do doesn't mean xbox 1 with dx12 can do. The gap between a high end pc and x1 is huge, heck.. even PS4 is a lot more powerful than x1, look at Order 1886, this is CG quality already. X1 might be able to render a little bit closer to CG quality graphics with a very confined area, like a small living room.

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american dream lol.

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wishful thinking lol.

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sorry, xbox games are inferior to PS's. It is a fact not opinion. There are some who prefer xbox for some reasons, but xbox one lose both on hardware and software this time around. That's why they are dropping the price. You must be a fucking idiot if you don't see that.

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He is very pro-MS, just like most analysts are. Why he says this is because PS4 is leading the race? Jealous much? It is like sour grape

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Microsoft has a lot of big fans.

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see, how rubbish xbone it is.

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